Villa Paper Wrap: Summer Plans and Club Sale Update

An unusually quiet for Villa news in papers in the past week as there were no controversial Gabby tales or Nigel Pearson stories this week. If you compare it to the last few weeks, it’s certainly been silent, which worked to the advantage of Villa supporters, in terms of the Villa fan protest taking centre stage for claret and blue news.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The popular topic of conversation that Villa fans have recently debated is which players should stay and who should go in the summer. The Metro wrote a good summary on which players we should strive to keep, but might not be able to and which players should pay the price for their incompetence all season. The article was spot on in my opinion but some might argue that the likes of Libor Kozak and Jed Steer’s should be given a place in the squad next season.

It’ll no doubt be the busiest summer in our entire history as our current team definitely doesn’t have the talent or attitude to get out of the Championship.

Players we’ve previously loaned out and deemed surplus to requirements now seem a lot more precious. The one man I certainly think deserves a place in the squad and it’s likely he will stay is Rudy Gestede. The big striker scored 20 goals in his last championship campaign and his superb aerial ability is a nightmare for defenders in the lower leagues.

FA Probe Pair

As Villa fans we couldn’t be completely isolated away from drama for a whole week as some trouble came out of the Watford away game the other week. Jordan Ayew and Idrissa Gana were both apparently caught up in some sort of conflict with the Watford home supporters. They could face some punishment but Eric Black has just played down the questions associated with the pair’s rumoured actions.


The Express and Star reported on how the FA will assess any evidence and whether they’ll choose to take any action or not. I haven’t heard much about the apparent incident and I think it’s probably just a usual flare of emotions after the two late goals. Hopefully there isn’t any real problem to report, but if you saw or have heard anything, leave a comment explaining what happened.

Ownership Update

The club released another statement on Friday as Steve Hollis provided us with an update on the current stage he’s at with regards to the sale of the club, which is a positive sign in two different ways. Firstly, it’s nice to feel included and actually given some information on what is currently going on at the club, and secondly, it seems to be a ‘real takeover’! Hopefully the business will be wrapped up quickly and we can be rid of Randy Lerner sooner rather than later.

The Evening Standard speculated that in addition to Chinese interest and a seemingly perpetual rumour of Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s interest, a new US consortium led by ice hockey chairman and venture capitalist David Freeman was in the fray.

Do we have a serious bidding war happening for Villa?


The club also revealed that after discussing the matter with fans, they felt that a lap of honour wasn’t appropriate after such a turbulent season. I certainly agree with them and so did 84% of over 4,500 fans in a poll MOMS held in order to gauge the majority opinion of supporters on the matter.

In the end, Villa supporters took centre stage against Newcastle and the Villa Park send-off to the season was perhaps one of the best for a while in terms of good spirits and enjoyment, despite the reality of the season.


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  1. barry would be a masterstroke and not out of the question pending evertons poor form

    crouch also,,,,, but in reality gestede should come good,,, as will a few of the failures

    a good manager could transform some of these players

    but we need sold quickly and the feeling is it will happen with pearson appointed and there looks to be

    movement with signings identified and plans being put in place

  2. Totally agrre that we need a few leaders on the pitch. For the last 4 years we have had no one on that pitch that drives the team on. I would beg Barry to come back for a year or 2 and play for us. First thing he would be asked to do is grab Westwood by the knackers and tell him to watch how to pass a decisive ball to a player

  3. To echo Paul Messenger the only reason I can come up with for Richards and Lescotts ineptitude this year is that before they must have always had someone else organising them and telling them what to do. We need leaders in defence and midfield. We above all need players who don’t get a nosebleed when they cross the halfway line. Have we bought players who’re scared of going forward or is it just the defensive dross coached into them by the dead hands of Lambert and the other Scottish manager. Other fans have commented on how incredibly excited we get just because we’re actually going forward…it never lasts. We revert to the Lambert waltz; sideways, sideways, back, sideways, sideways, back, HOOF. Worked occasionally with Benteke on the end of it. Not now.

  4. I still think we need a really good skipper and a second player perhaps established Premier League players coming to the end of their careers. Look at what Barton has done for Burnley? Maybe a couple of players who can give it one last season and if they get us promoted sign off with a golden handshake which would be cheap with the gains to be had. Carrick at Man Utd or Gareth Barry maybe, leading our younger players from the middle of the park. Possibly Peter Crouch just think what he could do on the end of some decent crosses. I think the promise of the golden handshake would drive them on. Even Crouchie coming off the bench would give us a different option and we ain’t had one of them for a while. That and getting the fullbacks sorted could just be the answer.

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