Aston Villa Chairman Says Potential New Owners Weeded Down to the Serious Contenders

New Owners?

As part of the drive by Steve Hollis for improved communication to Villa supporters, the club today issued a welcome update on the ownership picture. It suggested after weeding through the various interested parties, they are now down to the serious parties who have big plans for the club.

This echoes what was said in the recent Fans Consultation Group meeting that MOMS was present at, when it was hinted by Hollis that some of the buyers had big plans, as today’s statement also states:

‘Negotiations are now with those parties that we believe will have the passion and ambition to return the Club to winning the highest honours in European football.’

New Manager?

The statement also mentioned why an announcement of a new Villa manager was still on hold, which is obviously linked to, as anybody with a bit of common sense will know, the incoming owner needing to be finalised first.

Lap Cancelled

The statement (below) also confirmed that there will be no lap of appreciation after the Newcastle game, which the MOMS poll below was an active part of informing the club’s decision.

The result is very similiar to a poll run in the Birmingham Mail, so it seems to be an exact science.

Aston Villa Statement


Aston Villa Football Club can confirm Chairman Steve Hollis remains in active negotiations over the sale of the Club.

Chairman Steve Hollis said: “We are in very constructive negotiations which could lead to the sale of the Club to a new Owner.

“There has been no shortage of parties who would like to own Aston Villa but our negotiations are now with those parties that we believe will have the passion and ambition to return the Club to winning the highest honours in European football.

“The appointment of the manager is at this time inextricably linked to the current negotiations.”

The Club has consulted with supporter representatives over the annual lap of appreciation and understand in the current circumstances that would not be appropriate.

Throughout a bitterly disappointing campaign our supporters have been the one positive and the Club would like to thank them all for their tremendous support.

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  1. Well, the NUFC fans are still stinging from how they were treated when they went down. There will be retribution.

    As for this club statement, no news, just spin and pandering. The bank won’t entertain any non serious buyer period. BAML ain’t a good bank, but there are smart people there, and even if they have left, regulations have arrived and “suitability” must be met. Though the FA themselves have an interesting and alternative definition of suitable. Also I haven’t seen any ambition from the current board so question how they recognize it.
    As for the lap of shame, the players should take it. They deserve the abuse. Hasn’t hurt their pocket to be relegated, so hurt their pride. Pretty sure they are relieved with the announcement.

  2. I am surprised that someone has not snapped up Aston Villa FC already.With Randy Lerner finally admitting that he hasn’t a clue how to run a business like an English Premier League club, and , that his demands for a deal to sell the club appear to be modest considering that a similar size club like Everton have sold less than 50% of the club for £200 million. Any new owner should take a number of pertinant issues into consideration. I do not wish to stress the clubs glorious history, they can read the book or watch the DVD”s.
    ! AV have a loyal fan base throughout the UK and throughout the World.
    2 Villa Park is one of the most iconic stadiums in World football
    3 The club have a thriving youth programme which bodes well for the next decade.
    4 Unlike the North West or London. There is little local opposition. Currently only the under performing WBA.
    5 The catchment area is huge, The greater Birmingham area and surrounding areas in the region of 4 million people.This is larger than Liverpool and Manchester combined.
    6 Birmingham is one of the power houses of the British economy. It is thriving and it exports all over the World.
    7 The city deserves and demands that it’s sports facilities and premier football club echo thay ambition.
    Again I find it incredulous that wealthy successful business men and women have not identified the enormous potential.

  3. Until Lerner goes, there is no hope of my sexual dsyfunction being repaired. He has massively impacted on my performance in bed. I cannot separate my technique as a lover from my feelings for Villa. I used to blame Paul Lambert, but it was Lerner all along. And now my wife has left me. I will be at the game tomorrow, as usual, but will go home to an empty bed. Thanks Randy. Thanks.

  4. I hope the new owners of ASTON VILLA they or he have the will and obviously money to take this great club to a position in the league it deserves, They or he should have a winning personality , the American contender seems to have this essential ingredient .He will not have a problem with fan base witch is one of the best if not the best in the league. he must not make the mistake as previous owners of employing a manager then not taking advantage of the experience he brings, as a 60 year old fan these are my thoughts, thank

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