Wolves Fans to do Villa Supporters a Massive Favour at Villa Park

Dingle Consideration

After Birmingham City’s act of idiocy in arming their supporters with clappers at St Andrew’s this season, Wolves supporters are set to prove they are a much smarter and considerate breed of West Midland’s football supporter.

One of the concerns of Villa supporters approaching the game at Villa Park was the prospect of having to set their eyes on the faces of our visitors from Mordor, under the floodlights.

There’s more than one explanation to why we call them the ‘Dog Heads’, with one of them being the same reason we refer to them as ‘the Dingles’. Lets put it this way, they’re not very pleasing on the eye.

Despite their many nicknames, one thing you can say about Wolves fans is they certainly  are a considerate bunch, and we applaud their initiative of deciding to wear masks during their visit to Villa Park.

Hundreds of Wolves’ unfortunate looking supporters will be wearing masks of Jorge Mendes, the Portuguese ‘super agent’, who has been front and centre of their club’s fantastic resurgence this season.

Mask Reasons

The reason Wolves away fans are wearing Mendes masks to cover up a multitude of sins, instead of say, Steve Bull, George Berry or even Robert Plant masks, is it’s in response to Villa owner Tony Xia and CEO Keith Wyness suggestions that the Wolves connection with Mendes may not be above board when it comes to FFP (the download file for the print-at-home masks is actually called Uncle Jorge Sh*t on the Villa).

It’s been since reported that the likes of Ruben Neves and Diogo Jota are on less than £20,000-a-week, despite their Champions League credentials. Making their wages seem to be well below their market value.

Neves signs for a reported Championship record of £15.8m, yet is on less than 20k-a-wage? It seems a bit odd. Why would he sign, when he could easily get at least twice that wage elsewhere in a higher division?

With Wolves owning a stake in Mendes’ agency, it’s been implied that further wages are paid to the players through the agency/different entity to get around FFP.

The EFL have promised to re-appraise the situation (nobody’s holding their breath), although if there is any ‘wrong-doing’, the likelihood is Wolves have just worked a loophole to their advantage. They wouldn’t be the first team to outfox the FFP rules by using creative methods.

Certainly their approach in squad-building has been a bit more expansive than relying on over-paying players to join the club (like another West Midlands club I could mention).

While A Venglos View would LOL if the EFL did deduct Wolves with enough points to make sure they were playing the Baggies next season, we wish them all the best with their Financial Fair Play rules dilemma.

We’re just happy their supporters strictly adhere to the ‘Fan Fair Play’ rules and will be wearing masks on Saturday evening.

Ah, bless ’em.


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  1. John, I’ll say one thing for Wolves dans they certainly are obsessed with the Villa. We on the other hand are really not bothered about your quaint little club

  2. Not going to take a pop at Wolves fans it just a mentality thing, hoping for a good game and a win for Villa but at the end of the day it would be good to see both teams in the PL next season

  3. One thing about us Wolves fans we never turn and run or surrender when under fire unlike vile fans!!

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