Why Would These Players Leave Chelsea for Aston Villa?

There’s been a lot of rumour articles (or ones cobbled together with fan/pundit tweets) doing the rounds about Gary Cahill and Tammy Abraham possibly coming to Villa on loan. Both would be great loans for Villa, yet, when you look at it from Chelsea’s and the players’ own perspective, the rumours are probably best ignored.

MOMS has been here before many times, swimming against the tide of the rumour mill, because we dare to reach conclusions using independent thought and common sense. Most recently, we maintained all along that Grealish wouldn’t necessarily go to Spurs this summer.

So here we are again…

It may have escaped the writers of such rumour articles on the Chelsea pair, that Chelsea failed to make the Champions League this season, so they will be ultra focused on remedying that situation for next season. It will mean they will look to plenty of squad rotation for the early stages of their Europa League and League Cup campaigns in the coming weeks.

So, the likes of Gary Cahill and Tammy Abraham will get games, even if they are currently out the squad for league matches at the moment.

Cahill’s Schooling

It’s been well documented in the press that new Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has a certain style he wants his players to learn.

Sarri certainly seems to be fine-tuning his team for success this season and that includes getting the former Chelsea captain Cahill to learn his ways.

“I think that, in this moment, for a defender it’s more difficult to play in my team after only 20 days of training,” said Sarri. “So I think that, at this moment, he needs to have a lot more defensive training with us.”

The Chelsea boss admitted, he told Cahill he needs to be patient, but also reassuringly told him that he was “very important” for Chelsea.

Sarri will certainly want to progress through the group stages of the Europa League, with an eye on winning the trophy, that also is a gateway into the Champions League (if the league campaign doesn’t pan out). So, Cahill will at the very least, get a chance to practice Sarri’s ways on a European stage.

The 32-year-old has been frozen out of the first XI by previous Chelsea managers before, but fought his way back, so the Champions League winner won’t be fazed by the prospect.

It’s certainly preferable to returning on loan to a team that he barely played 30 games for and that preferred to offload him and then buy Zat Knight instead.

Cahill’s highlight for Villa was scoring one goal against the Blues, and while some Villa fans may get sentimental about it, how do you think that compares for the player to winning the Champions League, Europa League, two Premier League titles, FA Cup and League Cup, that he’s enjoyed winning with Chelsea?

He was an England international playing in the World Cup in the summer, he’s hardly going to wave the white flag to his Chelsea career to play in the Championship.

Tammy’s Time

Likewise, what’s in it for his teammate, striker Tammy Abraham, to join Villa?

He’s proven himself already in the Championship during his time at Bristol City, and he was on loan in the Premier League with Swansea City last season, to prepare himself for a crack at the Chelsea team. Going back down to the Championship will be seen as a backward step.

As MOMS wrote about Abraham earlier, Sarri seems to have plans for the player in the short-term at least.

“It’s up to him if he wants to remain here,” said Sarri, in the past week.

“We are very happy with him, so I think that, until January, he will stay with us. I think.”

That would certainly hint at the Chelsea boss penciling in Abraham’s involvement in the League rounds of the Europa League and the initial rounds of the League Cup.

Still, Abraham’s may want to be the main striker at a club, so if Bruce can give him reassurances that he won’t be playing second fiddle to Kodjia, then there maybe a late development come deadline day.


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  1. bruce is baffling me as much as the four managers have i hope he’s gone by xmas but that will be too late and another in the championship will be assured.

  2. My friend I hope you are right about Mendes having a striker option for us, because we are certainly going to need one. I really hope that Bruce does not get shot of De Laet I think he’s one of our best defenders and definitely our best RB by a country mile why he doesn’t start every game is a complete mystery I guess he’s just another face that doesn’t fit with Bruce. Crazy to let West Brom get him. Cahill and Abraham’s a pipe dream I’m afraid.

  3. those saying get Cahil back forget that players returning to old clubs are rarely as good 2nd time round
    As for TA I agree that may be wishfull thinking based on Bruce asking about him . As for getting a new striker there is a rumour that the super agent has one for us

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