78.5 The Mad Few’s Many Questions of Aston Villa’s Upcoming Season

While the recent Villa Fans Consultation Group meeting with Villa CEO Christian Purslow answered many Aston Villa supporter questions (and created some new ones), the new upcoming season in the Premier League brings many more.

There’s questions about the Villa players…

What is James Chester’s future now? Is Kodjia Premier League standard? How does Andre Green fit in this season? Does the contract extension for Jed Steer mean he’s Villa’s number one now?

Should Villa sign a Cahill type player for experience, since Villa let go of most of their experienced players last year? What the hell’s happening with Mings?!

And that’s before you even think about how the new additions will do.

Then there’s the bigger picture…

How damaging will a Fulham-esque return to the Championship be?

What kind of season can we expect? What’s the minimum finish we should consider “successful”? Will Villa be happy finishing fourth from bottom? 

In an extra My Old Man Said podcast (see below) we address all these questions and many more, as we field questions from The Mad Few, who express their current Villa concerns.

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Episode 78.5 Show Notes

In what will be a new regular monthly show, it’s time to answer some well considered questions from the Mad Few, the secret society of dedicated My Old Man Said podcast listeners.

There’s something for everyone – from thoughts on ITK charlatans to Villa’s squad building for the Premier League season ahead.



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  1. Oh, and in answer to the big question in the main article (what is the minimum finish we should consider successfull, and will we be happy finishing fourth from bottom?). I think we should aim to do what Wolves did. Make a huge impact. We are a much bigger club than at least a third of the other Premier League teams, and should perform to that level. But promise me now we will still be in the Premier League in the following season, and continuing to establish ourselves, I will take fourth from bottom. I’ll be disappointed, but I’ll take it.

  2. I’m a little more relaxed than Colin is about the current transfer activity, especially as the window doesn’t close for some time yet. I’m happy with the business done so far, but understand why Colin is frustrated at the lack of activity in some areas. I would really like to see a Mings deal done, or another class centre back. And maybe another striker and goalkeeper. But every time I look at the fixture list, I’m so excited about the upcoming season. We have new owners, ready to invest. A CEO who knows what he’s doing. A coach who wants the players that buys into his style of attacking football. Rotherham on a wet Tuesday in December? Or some of the best footballers in world football visiting Villa Park in the next twelve months? Can’t wait

  3. i share colins concerns but feel there are 7 to 8 signings yet to be made this window (has to be imo) and also players going out. am I the only villa fan whos like a kid on Christmas eve every day ?

  4. How come Sheffield Utd can afford Maupay when we are saying we can’t. 15 m for the best striker in the Championship surely can’t be too much, every bit as good as Abrahams this may well turn out to be a huge mistake by Dean Smith, now we’re talking about Mc Carthy, come on Villa make a statement and sign Butland had and shoulders better than Mc Carthy who wouldn’t fit in anyway, beginning to look as though we’ve lost the plot and it’s worrying.

  5. At best we have 4 possibly 5 players that may cope with the PL we are no where near where we need to be, why are we dragging our feet over Mings, why have we gone quiet on Butland, all we are hearing is this is a target that is a target, we are considering, we are about to make an offer, and pretty well every other excuse under the sun, this is becoming same old same old Villa, we need quality players NOW not a couple of days before the season starts, it’s about time we woke up before it’s too late.if we don’t get a decent start believe me we will struggle to stay up. This is my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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