Why the New Aston Villa Kit Has Been Delayed

After MOMS posted the kit launch details on social media, a common comment has been fans lamenting the lateness of the reveal and the sale date of 29 July. Previously the kit launches have timed with Father’s Day, so understandably some fans have been left a little frustrated.

So, why the delay?

Having read the interview today with Villa’s new Commercial Chief, Luke Organ, on the club’s site, Organ actually addresses the circumstances that led to the delay in detail.

His words on the matter are below.

Kit Launch Considerations

“As we know, fans are always keen to see the shirt as soon as possible after the end of the season. We’re also keen to reveal as soon as possible to drive our retail position forward. While we’d have liked to launch the shirt earlier, it is always driven by main club partner announcements and kit manufacture timelines. 

“We didn’t have the front of shirt partner in place when I joined the club, but we have worked extremely hard to get the best deal for the club with very little time.

“We have worked hard over Christmas and into the New Year in order to secure the best opportunity and this was delivered in April. However the timing on this has a knock-on effect in terms of manufacturing and application of logos on to thousands of shirts – it’s a time-consuming, manual job. 

“That has delayed everything, unfortunately. Our focus is very much on kit launch with the front of shirt partner being announced at the same time as our new kit is launched in advance of our first friendly games.

“We wanted to make sure that fans had the opportunity to see the kit as early as we’re able to reveal it, so we will launch the kit with activation on July 1 – and have an extended sales window through online ordering. 

“The kit won’t arrive into club hands until late July which means the kit will be ready for collection on July 29. 

“We know that this isn’t ideal, but we hope that next season we can work to get everything ready so that we can release the kit earlier.”


N.B. – The main picture is the CURRENT Villa home shirt.

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