Villa Paper Wrap: Unprepared, Gabby Going and Dwight Dork

A look at some of the stories that were being reported about Villa in the past week.

Unprepared and Clawed

There were reports about a new badge or development in the presentation of the club from the Birmingham Mail early in the week, reporting that the cost of these tweaks were rumoured to be around two million pounds. However, the club themselves then released a statement about the new badge involving the removal of the word ‘prepared’ and the addition of claws to a newly designed bigger and bolder lion with more fight. They also confirmed that the re-developments of the badge cost closer to the sum of £80,000 rather than reported two million.

New Lion

The new badge caused a mix of opinions from fans where some made their absolute disgust clear, especially with the timing of the news. However, there were some fans that felt the newly designed lion was a welcomed addition as it represented more fight and feistiness.

On the whole, the general consensus was that the fans should have been consulted more about the changes and if they were to choose between this badge and the grand old round one that holds so much history, there would have perhaps been a majority towards the later.

Gabby, Gabby Gone (Fingers Crossed)

After widespread reports from last week that Gabby’s actions in Dubai were under investigation by the club, it was reported by the Daily Mail that Agbonlahor will face no further punishment. The striker was left out of the club’s squad for the Chelsea game due to the controversial events during the International Break, with Eric Black keeping the focus on Aston Villa Football Club rather than Gabby Agbonlahor. However, it was reported on Tuesday by John Percy in the Telegraph that the club will be ready to sell the dead wood striker in the summer.

The Telegraph reported that Gabby had a contract worth £54,000 a week and was one of the top earners at the club. For what he’s provided for the club in the last three seasons it’s certainly music to any supporter’s ears as he’s fast becoming a club let-down.

Throughout the season Agbonlahor has looked overweight and it was a blow to Remi Garde after he failed to sell the big earner in January. Although, it seems it’ll now be the newly appointed manager’s first job on a long list to get rid of him and many more.

Andre Green Rumours

The Daily Mail reported on the Villa youngster and stated that at the tender age of 17 he has already impressed the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal. With Green providing some entertainment and an insight into next season for Villa fans, they’ll be hopeful that these reports are just rumours. The winger/striker has been at the club since the age of nine and with the flashes of potential already shown by the academy graduate, he’ll hopefully be given some regular playing time in the Championship.

These reports shouldn’t hold too much substance and as Villa get closer and closer to relegation we should expect a whole host of rumours about our younger and more promising players being snatched up.  I can certainly see Green still at the club next season and I’m hopeful he’ll be on corners, managing to actually beat the first man like so many regular starters have failed to do so this season.


Dwight Dork

Dwight Yorke was on Talksport on Wednesday to discuss him applying for the big Villa job opening. The ex-Villa striker doesn’t have the greatest of support from fans anyway and I doubt this statement about Villa needing someone like him to help them bring a spark back to the club will improve that either. Being an ex-Manchester United striker also, the Trinidadian stated that he had the backing of Sir Alex Ferguson to take the job, as he tried to sell himself in a very egotistical manner.

Several other papers reported the news, including the metro and it shows that not many newspapers picked up on the story as they probably just disregarded his chances. In an ideal world, no newspaper would bother writing about him in terms of the job.

I doubt there is any Villa fan in the world that would pick him as their favourite and I doubt even more so that the club will even consider him for an interview. It shows a lack of dignity and hard work from Yorke that he thinks he could even be considered by such a historic club with no top-level coaching under his belt.

Andy Townsend offered Role

Former Aston Villa players Andy Townsend and Chris Sutton were on BBC 5 Live to discuss Villa’s current situation and the way the players performed at the weekend. Then on Tuesday, the Sun reported that Townsend was to be offered a new role at Villa as Director of Football. The man who spent four years at Villa was apparently being considered by Steve Hollis for the job.

However, Pat Murphy then scuppered the reports by stating that Townsend is not earmarked to be given the job and that Villa won’t even provide such a role. The football board will need a new head of football operations and so far, Adrian Bevington will more than likely fulfil that role. After reading the reports, I doubt many fans took the news seriously due to its source, but it’s certainly relieving to many that the rumours have been quashed.


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  1. Gabby is long past his sell by date but if he doesn’t want to go and just sits on the two years left on his contract I don’t know what the club can do? Yorke as the new manager isn’t worth discussing, is it? I hope not. Andy Townsend was a good player for us but I haven’t seen anything in him that would qualify him to be football director, if one were to be appointed I don’t think a manager worth his salt would want to join us. They wouldn’t welcome interference in team and playing matters. So let’s hope it’s just paper talk.

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