Villa Player Sex Tapes, Fickle Fans, Attacking Issues & Other Questions

Villa Player Sex Tapes, Fickle Fans, Attacking Issues & Other Questions

It’s Mad Few question time, David, Chris and Ben answer some of the questions that have been on the minds of the podcast show’s listeners from the Mad Few Facebook group in December.


What are Villa’s January transfer needs

Should Villa go in for Jarrod Bowen?

Should Villa recall Andre Green?

Are Villa fans really fickle?

What was with Wesley’s performances…and that beard?

Antonio Luna’s sex tape issue

Egyptian and LGBT conflict on Villa’s social media channels

And lots more.

This show was recorded earlier this month, before Villa slipped into the relegation zone and Mings & McGinn’s injuries.

Episode 95 was actually recorded, but encountered recording technical difficulties, so this will be the last My Old Man Said podcast released in 2019. We will try to rescue what we can from the Episode 95 session and release it to MOMS Patrons.

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