Two Players Who Did the Dirty on Aston Villa on Deadline Day

Before We Start…

Thank god the transfer window is closed. Now shameless hacks can cease from rehashing Jack Grealish trash to monetarise their employees websites. During the past 48 hours, you could almost hear their editors screaming “Give me more Grealish!”

Spurs interest in Grealish was essentially the opportunity to bag him on the cheap, as a long-term prospect. New Villa owners coming in and showing ambition soon dampened that possibility. With there being little prospect of Grealish improving the current Spurs’ first XI at this present time, they weren’t likely to pay over the odds for him. They may get another opportunity to snag him at a cheaper price in the January window, if Villa aren’t in the Championship promotion mix at that stage.

The stories that have spilled out from some journalist’s backsides regarding Grealish, simply to keep the story alive, have bordered on embarrassing.

Anyway, while MOMS wasn’t expected Grealish to leave, other outs were expected, but only Gary Gardner obliged with what has to be an unfortunate move (more of that later).

European transfer windows remain open, so there’s the potential for the likes of Jedinak and Bjarnason to still be tempted away, and the loan market closes at the end of the month, so there maybe some movement within that.

Wind-up Merchant

If anybody had wound up Villa supporters the most in the past 48 hours it was former Bristol City left-back Joe Bryan. Since Villa boss Steve Bruce was openly talking about him, it seemed to be pretty much deal done. A £6m price had been agreed and he was booked in for a medical. Before he turned up, in swooped Fulham and the lure of Premier League football and wages was too much to resist.

The story has been spun a number of ways on social media – some say he had completed his Villa medical, others said he had signed a contract with Villa (if he had, he’d be a Villa player).

In the end, he was never a Villa player and they had simply been pipped at the post. Life goes on.

Villa have signed several players in the past two seasons promising them Premier League football the following season, so that ruse was always going to expire at some stage.

Gardener’s Leave

Just when you start to get a bit guilty for poking fun on at Gary Gardner on the MOMS podcast, he only goes and up sticks to join the Blues on a season loan.

Moving out on loan was expected for a player that seemed to lack the desire and fight to truly make it at Villa. His loan spells at the likes of Brighton, Coventry City, Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Wednesday, haven’t convinced Villa or any of his loan clubs to make him a regular.

Gardner’s last contract renewal was a bit of a surprise to be honest and it is now unlikely that Gardner will play competitively again for Villa…now that he’s tainted for life.

MOMS is just looking forward to see what he says if he’s subjected to a sit-down interview with the Birmingham City media team and asked what the highlight of his career has been so far?Although, maybe he’ll just follow his brother’s lead and declare himself to be a boyhood Blues fan?


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  1. Probably the most sensible article that I have read for months,couldn’t agree more about the Grealish saga doesn’t it make you sick and tired, who are these idiots how do they keep their jobs and Harry Redknapp is no better, I think they are a disgrace to their profession for me they are nothing more than a bunch of morons and a complete laughing stock. So well written and spot on article. As for the rest as you say we just move on, McGill a brilliant signing and will prove a very valuable asset, be interesting to see if we can get hold of two or three decent loan signings before the end of the month.
    Again well done very refreshing to read a truthful and accurate article as opposed to the trash that we have been fed for weeks.

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