What We Learned as Villa Fans This Week Post Flub On The Tyne

Years of goading Newcastle fans came back to bite Villa on the arse after self-destructive tendencies led to another loss without scoring and an upsurge in fans genuinely talking about the “R” word – again. What can fans take from a pitiful display against our fellow Premiership evacuees?


Apologies for sounding like a stuck record, but Villa didn’t look too bad at all from the kick-off. Newcastle were the team looking lost and failing to get anything going and Villa were looking more adventurous emboldened by the division’s top scorer going off injured after just half an hour for United.

The wheels fell off when (here we go again) Villa’s opponents enjoyed a rare venture towards the Villa goal, won a corner which Villa couldn’t clear and after bouncing around the ball ended up in the back of the Villa net just before half time.

It’s that kind of luck… lack of discipline… inevitability… call it what you will – that has cost Villa points, wins, goals, self-esteem, dignity, not just this season but every season for years and years. It doesn’t matter who is manager – this kind of thing happens too often and the sinking feeling that happens every single time it does will not go away.


Then there’s the second goal.


Lansbury was being booed on his every touch due to his “enthusiastic” performance against Newcastle when he was still a Forest player. So to see him bundle in an own goal under no pressure to hand the win to Newcastle after Villa’s response hadn’t been terrible in their efforts to fight back, was just the icing on the cake.

It just made the loss a farce (must remember to copy and paste that for next time).


Then there’s the substutions.

Adomah for Jedinak – fair enough. Jedinak was probably tired after his first game for a while and he had been working hard and been effective. Adomah has pace and a good cross and even chips in goals. He’s probably a keeper and as a bench option, he fits in nicely.

But whoever they are replacing, Gardner and Bacuna should be a lot further down the pecking order. With the game dead and buried if Bruce has any plan for them other than to eat up some time and run about bit, he’s misguided. Grealish aside, the lack of youth on the bench in a season which – at best – will be seen as consolidation at this point should be all about blooding the kids in the ways of the Championship.

Yes, Kodjia picked up a knock and Hogan rolled his ankle and was stretchered off (out for a month or so). But what are we as fans learning from watching Gardner and Bacuna? And what is Bruce learning?


It’s just been announced that Hogan will be out for  “only a month” – so he’ll miss the next six games. By the time he’s expected back on the field on April 1, Villa could easily be in the bottom three.

While fans have yet to see quite why Hogan was signed at all, what with waiting for him still to score his first goal and all, for a team that doesn’t score it can’t bode well that one of the big panic January signings will be watching the team self-destruct from the seats like the rest of us.


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  1. so if villa sack Bruce in October that will have brought stability ,don’t think so a manager who knows what he’s doing brings stability with victories Bruce isn’t doing that. If we were in div 3 playing shite (as usual) you stick with Bruce do you course not the only way things will improve at villa park is get rid of the dead. like Bruce gabby grealish yes let’s keep Bruce we might actually win a game or 2 if we go down cause we ain’t winning many now and Bruce has never failed has he never been relegated either yeah right he’s not good enough in my opinion do you really want to play footy like hull or blues (we are at the moment) no thanks not for me I like my footy played on the pitch not with parachutes or parachute payments mutatis mutandis means once the necessary changes having been made yeah I might then return to villa park as for now I will stick to away days

    • If you read what Keith WYness says you might understand what is happening at Villa Park. The top brass are seeking to overcome years of bad practice. Sacking the manager after one transfer window, which WYness correctly says is idiocy, makes sorting the problems of the club impossible to solve.

      I do not say they have got the right plan, and have written twice to know what the plan is. But they are indeed planning for the future, and back Bruce. If you don’t like that then write to them. Don’t confine your self to a web site. We can’t sack the manager, and for the record I agree with them. Keep Bruce till it is clear he cannot do the job. Which is not now, with a welcome win under our belt.

      Trevor FIsher

      • I understand perfectly what is happening at villa park they have made a big mistake in Bruce and have given a spin doctor (wyness)the job of convincing the gullible that Bruce is the man for the job even today’s fortunate but welcome victory doesn’t alleviate the pain from watching shite football so how many windows is long enough for Bruce 4 or 5 maybe 10 when will it be long enough div 3, div4 or non league a mistake this glaringly obvious should be rectified asap not by praying we don’t get relegated. The only thing Bruce has got right so far is his admittance to not been good enough and making mistakes relegation won’t cost much in terms of revenue the fans will still turn out on a satu r day to watch villa the job is to big for Bruce modern football shows how inept he is but then again I’m not the gullible Rdm got sacked because wyness thought our promotion prospects were been harmed now he’s looking for stability don’t make me laugh it’s spin, we made a mistake let’s have the balls to admit it and get the right man in

    • no it actually is stability. Apart from needing someone to sort out the long term problems, which a new man would not do, they are prepared= to take a drop in season tickets if the club is relegated. SO whether they are going to lose money is one of the tests they have set for themselves.

      They may also have sounded out potential new managers and found no one wants the job. Who wants to be in charge for a struggle against relegation and possibly life in Div 3? Stick with the man in charge if no one else wants it.

      Trevor Fisher

  2. I would back Bruce since if we keep sacking managers (a) nothing ever develops (b) good managers don’t come (c) we never understand that this club has problems which no manager can solve.

    What it is no one knows. But the more it changes, the more it stays the same – latin – mutatis mutandis. The Romans knew a thing or too. Owner, managers, players come and go. Nothing improves.


    Trevor Fisher

  3. No he wont Colin. The last thing this great club of ours needs is more turmoil and upheaval. One would hope that both the owner and Keith Wyness fully understand that, and that Steve Bruce will be allowed to lead us into the 2017-18 campaign. If we can take Keith Wyness at face value, and he certainly seems to be a sensible and aware individual, that will indeed be the case.

  4. The whole thing is enough to drive you nuts, and now Wyness says Bruce will be the manager next season even if we’re relegated again, the man is deluded as is Bruce I would get shot of both of them, can’t believe he is speaking on behalf of Dr Tony who by all accounts is a good business man. Trust me there’s no way that he can let this rubbish continue, if we get into the drop zone Bruce will be gone no matter what Wyness says.

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