The New Ball That’ll Be Used in the Championship Next Season

A Legend Returns

There’s one difference about Aston Villa’s season in the Championship that only the eagle-eyed supporter would have spotted. Villa played with a different make of ball. In the Premier League, the official match balls are supplied by Nike, but in the Championship and the rest of the football league, the official match day balls are made by Mitre.

Back in the day, or at least in MOMS’ childhood, Mitre ruled the roost as the official ball for football. The signature ‘Mitre Delta’ was certainly the go-to ball for most of the 1990’s and this upcoming season, Mitre have decided to reintroduce it.

The new ball will very much be something of a throwback to the original model in terms of design and it will be the first use of the infamous Mitre Delta name since 2001.

Obviously, tech-wise, the Mitre Delta has moved on from the 1990’s and is as good as it gets for top level football in 2017. The Mitre Delta features Hyperseam technology for a pure in-flight path and increased grip, a unique embossed surface to manipulate air-flow for unrivalled pin-point accuracy and bonded seams repel water for zero water uptake. Or so the scientists say!

The ball will also come in a hi-vis yellow version for Autumn and Winter months.


mitre delta close up

Ball Science

Before MOMS offers up an exclusive chance below to win one of the balls, here’s some of the science:

The most advanced football from Mitre, features brand new technology including a textured surface for instinctive aerodynamic control. The added embossed grooves provide up to 400% more stability at speeds of 30 – 45 mph as well as greater accuracy vs a flat panel construction of the same ball.

 A distinctive 14 panel design with innovative Hyperseam™ technology ensures optimum energy dissipation and a super accurate flight. Combining the benefits of bonded and stitched seams guarantees superb speed and pin-point accuracy with a consistent feel, almost zero water uptake and superior durability.

A laminated bladder combined with a rubber sheet constructed in between two layers of foam backing give explosive power coupled with improved control.

Check out the official site for more detail and science on the Mitre Delta





My Old Man Said has an official Mitre Delta ball (worth £115 RRP) to give away to one lucky MOMS reader. For details how to enter, see the competition form below.

My Old Man Said Mitre Delta Competition

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