The Many, Many Questions of Aston Villa’s Defence (and more)

If there’s one main doubt in terms of Aston Villa’s capacity to mount an automatic promotion challenge this season, it’s their defence. There’s many facets of it that causes concern in supporters’ minds, most of which were put forward as listener questions for the latest MOMS Podcast episode that dedicates itself to answering them.

Jedinak at centre back? The potential of Axel Tuanzebe? Neil Taylor concerns and who’s the best defensive midfielder in the club? All are answered amongst other serious discussion and the show’s not so serious talk and light-hearted nature and fun.

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Episode 50.5 Show Notes

In a bonus show recorded in the early hours straight after Episode 50, David Michael, Dan Rodgers and Chris Budd tackle MOMS podcast listener questions sent in via Instagram. There’s questions from Blues fans to all the current concerns of the Villa faithful. A guillotine pops up for some reason and at least one of us is drinking gin and tonic from a non-Birmingham post code…

Show highlights

  • Blues fans questions
  • Chocolate Salty Balls
  • Fickle Villa Fans
  • Standing Section?
  • Villa’s best defensive midfielder?
  • Should Axel Tuanzebe get a shot at centre back?
  • Jedinak at CB for the rest of the season?
  • Defensive questions
  • John McGinn Ballon D’Or
  • McGinn vs Zidane
  • All or Nothing
  • When will Bruce play defenders in natural positions?
  • How long would you give Bruce?
  • Does Grealish go if we don’t get promoted?
  • Villa’s chances this season
  • Question of John Terry (he’s really 37, I was joking)
  • Lets talk Neil Taylor
  • One or two up front?
  • Perfect Sunday



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Chris Budd – @BUDD_music

Producer/Editor – David Michael

Voices – Dan Rodgers

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  1. If the new owners decided that due to timing at the start of the season that Bruce was the safest bet due to his record of promotions and play offs, then why had they not looked at his failings at his time at Villa. The fact that none of his signings are first team regulars despite spending millions on them. He has been un able to get players who were previously the best in the division to play for him. He would rather spend more money getting players in on loan than manage his own and previous good signings and many talented youngsters to play. This has directly led to the Aston Villa FC going bust! The new owners have like previous owners failed to control this. Why! How on earth can you send defenders proven at this level out on loan paying most their wages and leave huge gaps in a squad that is ridiculously heavy in midfield? I have been saying on here for over a year his main problem is too many choices he has no idea how to put a team together from his abundant resources. He has been allowed again to continue his policies that have took us to the brink of folding. I’d give him the next 2 home games if no major improvement dump him now giving someone new the chance to get the best out of this huge and talerted squad.

  2. I was pro-Bruce (just for the sake of consistency) until his press comments following the loss at Burton. He blamed the players for his own failings, and to justify his own team selections. He’s shipped out Green, Elphick and a load of other promising youngsters – how can we progress as a team if it’s built on one-season in-coming loans?
    But worst of all, what hold does Jedinak have over Bruce? As a DM he’s slow, clumsy and the passing accuracy of a dead pigeon. He was good against physical sides like Blues and Boro last season, but Cairney had the freedom of Wembley in the play-off final. The only good thing you can say about Jedinak’s abilities as a DM is that he’s slightly less bad there than he is at centre-half. I was at the Colchester game last season, where Jedinak was a disaster at centre-half. We thought that would have been a one-off experiment filed in the “worth a try, but no thanks” drawer.

  3. We shouldn’t be slagging of Jedinak just because our manager insists on playing him out of position he’s a good player in his correct position. Our big problem is the manager who has made unforgivable blunders in letting two centre Backs out on loan leaving us totaly exposed. Don’t know what others think but personally I’m completely teed off with the whole Terry saga now he’s saying he will make a decision in a couple of weeks, well come on Villa give him an altematum join now or take off, we’re just dithering about again when we need to get someone in before our next match.

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