Steve Bruce’s Decision-Making and Villa’s True Identity Questioned

What’s Villa’s True Identity?

It terms of Aston Villa’s ambitions for promotion, there’s still something not convincing about the team’s approach this season and some of the manager’s decisions.

The first five games of December certainly underlined that, but at the same time, when you look at the squad list, the potential is there for all to see. Something the result against Bristol City finally echoed on the pitch.

So, will the real Aston Villa step forward?

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On the first episode of the My Old Man Said podcast in 2018, we look back at what went wrong in December, in a period that saw Villa slump out of the play-off places to 9th spot, only to then bonus back with two wins against their immediate promotion rivals.

Were the Villa’s owner and CEO’s tweets helpful to the manager at the time? Were they merely reflecting what fans were thinking? Was there really ‘Mass Hysteria’ Part II?

We also look at some of Bruce’s selections, most notably in the centre-back and defensive midfield positions, and how injuries have actually ended up masking over the Villa boss’s apparent stubbornness.

Also, we focus on Scott Hogan. Can he finally be the striker we desperately need to help get us over the promotion line?

There’s a lot more discussion on the likes of Grealish and Elphick, and also Villa’s promotion rivals.

You can listen to the show here, just press ‘play’:

As well as the serious talk, there’s plenty of laughs to be had too, when we digress to topics like Villa fireworks, Bear’s arses, Amazon Echoes and watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

There’s also the return of Jedinak’s Jungle and Negatron.

If you haven’t tried it yet, check it out, you might like it.

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Podcast Episode 37 features:

David Michael – @oldmansaid 

Dan Rodgers – @avfc_vilr

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  1. Yes let’s hope so, a good result tonight, pleased for Hogan he’s beginning to look the part, I think if we can get Ulloa to play along side him, we’re on our way back, can’t see that we need any more defenders with in form Elphick on the bench.
    By the way it was Prutten who said Forrest would be too strong for us, just like he said Bristol City would win against us just goes to show what he knows.

  2. Let’s hope we have finally seen Villa’s true identity in the Forest and Bristol City games. In both games, our first chance on goal was a goal. Our identity – Forward thinking football, Grealish orchestrating things, running off the ball and players finding each other blindly. Bjarnason on for Whelan!! I thought Bruce had totally fallen on his head making such a daring substitution until I sussed Whelan was injured and no Jedi either. Will he start Bjarnason against Barnsley? I hope so.

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