The Progress of Aston Villa’s No Fear Approach and Improvement

As Dean Smith suggested after the 2-2 draw with West Brom, his team are now playing without fear as they take on all comers in the division and extend their unbeaten run to six games.

In the latest MOMS Podcast show (#58) we give our impressions on how Villa have been playing in recent games, as well as looking at more specific issues such as the pros and cons of Tammy Abraham and also how Smith is tactically protecting Orjan Nyland in games.

Surely a new keeper is on the cards in January to make up for the lack of strength in that department?

The show sees the first appearance of YouTube channel Villa on Tour creator Max Stokes as a guest, who joins us as we also discuss a wide range of topics from the Villa universe and also comment on recent events in football-at-large involving Messi and Klopp.

The show also covers MOMS trip to the FSF Awards in London this week and a lot more.

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Show Notes

After a week of goal crazy madness, where Aston Villa hit 12 goals in three games, we reflect on what’s making Dean Smith’s goal machine tick and are there any weaknesses in the team that could trip up a promotion push.

David Michael and Dan Rodgers are joined by Max Stokes from the Youtube channel ‘Villa on Tour’ to discuss the Nottingham Forest 5-5 madness and the controlled 3-0 win at the Riverside against Middlesborough, that took Dean Smith’s recent record to four wins in the last five games. The contributions of Tammy Abraham, James Chester and Orjan Nyland are also focused on.

We also talk Lionel Messi’s fifth place in the Ballon d’Or, Jurgen Klopp (and Alan Hutton’s) punishments for celebrating goals and also this week’s FSF Awards at the Tower of London. MOMS was nominated for Best Fan Media of the year and had to sit next to Robbie Savage during the awards ceremony.

Also, in the show, our thoughts on Villa’s FA Cup draw against Swansea City, the Championship’s top scorers and the game ahead against the only team to score more goals than Villa this season in the division.




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