Join the ‘Holte Enders in the Sun’ Consortium – Second Real Oviedo Share Issue

OK, they play in blue, but at least their away kit isn't pink.

‘The only Villa-related outfit that is business associates with Real Madrid and Carlos Slim!’

For over two-and-a-half years now a consortium of My Old Man Said readers known as the ‘Holte Enders Under the Sun’ have owned shares in the Spanish club Real Oviedo.

SOS Oviedo

In the 2000/2001 season Real Oviedo played in La Liga, the likes of Santi Cazorla, Juan Mata and Michu came through their ranks, but since, due to mis-management and the Spanish economy crash and burning, for Oviedo, playing Real Madrid turned into playing Real Madrid’s C team, as they found themselves in Segunda División B in Spain.

The club faced liquidation and football supporters around the world came to their rescue to buy shares in one of the most positive effects of social media seen in football. Shareholders were in good company too, Real Madrid brought a few hundred thousand Euros worth to help out and even the richest man in the world Carlos Slim bought two million dollars worth.

Holte Enders in the Sun

MOMS had heard about the SOS share campaign, but it was after being contacted by a couple of our writers suggesting we do something, that with just over a day to go to the share deadline one of them published on MOMS an article on why he had brought shares.

Within 24 hours a band of around 50 Villans had brought over 100 shares between them (at 11.50€ each) to effectively donate over 1000€ to the club and go .

To become a member of the ‘100 acciones club’, MOMS formed the share consortium ‘Holte Enders in the Sun’, to become the only Villa-related outfit that is business associates with Real Madrid and Carlos Slim!

The irony is in Oviedo, which is situated in the Asturia area of Northern Spain, it seems to rain a lot. But what’s in a name!

Some of the Villans in our merry band have been to Oviedo to sample the fantastic hospitality of the Oviedo fans in the infamous cider region and watch a game at the impressive 30,500 Carlos Tartiere stadium. You can read about one such Villan adventure here.

We’ve also been in the Villa matchday programme too.

Now with Real Oviedo winning the Segunda División B league title and preparing for the upcoming play-offs (yes, even when you win the league, you have to enter play-offs to get promoted!), there will be a secondary share issue giving other football fans a chance to join in to help Real Ovideo kick-on to the next stage.

Whilst this is mostly for fun and to help the club, there are a few real perks:

1) Overseas shareholders get free Real Oviedo match tickets for when they visit. 

2) Four shares gets you a vote at the AGM

3) You can print out and frame your share certificate

4) Most games are streamed live for free, if you want a Spanish dimension to your Sunday afternoons

5) The love of the Real Oviedo fans and great hospitality and a warm welcome, if you decide to visit.

6) Membership of a select international group of football supporters across the world

So, if you fancy joining us in having a share or two in a Spanish football club and adding to the Villa consortium, here’s how:



Up until May 20 existing shareholders can buy additional shares. The preemptive right subscription stage acknowledges current shareholders’ right to purchase first. They are entitled to buy a proportional number of shares to the ones they already own: three new shares per one former share.


Had all current shareholders not exercised their preemptive subscription right, the remaining shares may be subscribed by third parties, whether they are shareholders or not. This period runs from May 20 to 29. That seems to be just the official blurb though, as it seems anybody can buy shares now.

If Real Oviedo get a home tie in the playoff date on the Sunday May 31st, I’m personally thinking about flying out after the FA Cup final the following morning (from London Stanstead) to visit Oviedo and take in the game. Drop us a line if you’re interested.

If you do buy shares for the first time, head over to the ‘Holte Enders in the Sun’ Facebook page and drop us a comment there to say you’ve joined us.

Hala Real Oviedo & UTV!

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