Aston Villa Supporters Relationship with Real Oviedo Grows in Villa Programme

The Aston Villa Supporter Real Oviedo Shareholders *

As some of you will know, MOMS started a consortium of Villa supporters who brought shares in Spanish club Real Oviedo, helping to raise over 1000 Euros for them (in about 24 hours), in their moment of SOS need.

We go by the name ‘Holte Enders in the Sky’ and follow the North Spanish team every week, with a few of us even making the trip out to visit the club and watch a game at their Carlos Tartiere stadium. Last season, Oviedo lost in the play-offs, but hopefully they can win the league this time round.

Interestingly, it was announced at the club’s last general meeting that ex-Villa and Oviedo player Stan Collymore allegedly owed them 85,000€, and when the club tried to ask him for some of it, during their financial hour of need, his reply was ‘speak to my lawyer’.

(We have contacted Stan’s management team twice to get clarification of the truth of this matter, but have heard nothing back.)

In his biography, Collymore compares Oviedo to Norwich, although due to his unspectacular time there, it’s no surprise to hear what Oviedo fans have compared Collymore to, isn’t too flattering.

Anyway, tying in nicely with Villa’s recent friendly against Malaga (keeping on the Spanish theme), the Aston Villa programme was kind enough to run the following piece on the Holte Enders in the Sun group and the growing bond between some Oviedo and Villa fans.  UTV

aston villa real oviedo shareholders

* – Two of the supporters in the photo are Villa fans.

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