Ross McCormack Flies Back to England With His Future in the Balance

Return of the Mack

The saga of Ross McCormack’s time at Aston Villa reaches an interesting juncture with the player flying back from Australia this Friday, having completed his loan spell at Melbourne City.

The Villa player has had a successful time down under bagging 14 goals and has become a fan favourite in Melbourne.

Melbourne City coach Warren Joyce confirmed McCormack’s Friday travel plans in the Australian media, saying the flight back at this time was always planned, regardless of the possibility of extending the player’s loan.

“He’ll be on the plane … that was planned anyway. He’s not seen his children over Christmas and we’d agreed we were going to do that,” he said. “There are conversations between the two clubs and they need to speak to Ross as well … then we’ll know what’s happening.”

It’s still not totally clear where his destiny is likely to be.

Should I Stay or Should I Go

McCormack has scored half of his loan team’s goals while he’s been in Australia, while Aston Villa are in need of striker to cover Jonathan Kodjia’s long-term absence.

It’s unlikely McCormack will fancy playing second fiddle to Scott Hogan, but there’s the question of whether he wants to extend his stay away from his children?

Meanwhile, Melbourne’s A-plan is very much aimed at trying to extend his loan, although McCormack’s salary has presented difficulties.

“It wasn’t easy to bring him in the first place and it’s not easy to bring players in at this time in a salary cap league,” concluded Joyce.

McCormack was seen hanging around for a while after his final appearance in Melbourne City’s match against Newcastle, signing autographs for fans.

Whether it was a farewell gesture remains to be seen.


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  1. Definitely deserves another chance seemed to be struggling with some kind of mental health problem and needed support- something football people are notoriously bad at . One of my Aussie mates saw him in action down under and rates him – not that the standard is great. Agree should not sell him or TE to a promotion rival.

  2. I’m not a McCormack fan but I think it has to be said that Bruce is not blameless in this, he has by all accounts played well for Melbourne and that has probably helped us out with his valuation. I don’t see him going back on the other hand I think it would be totaly ridiculous to sell him to Leeds a major opponent I also say the same about Elphick keep him and sell Mac to the US

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