Ross McCormack on Verge of a Way Out From Aston Villa


Despite Aston Villa’s striker shortage due to injuries, Ross McCormack has remained exiled in limbo during the summer. Once he was in Villa boss Steve Bruce’s bad books, there seemed to be no way back into the Villa first team,no matter what the needs of the team were. While there was talk about some loan interest in Villa’s misfit striker during the transfer window, nothing was forthcoming.

Now though, the striker has a potential end to his frustration.

The Daily Mail reports that the 32-year-old is wanted by Central Coast Mariners in Australia, who are currently trialing 100m record holder Usain Bolt.

Central Coast, based just up the coast north of Sydney, are looking to lock down a loan for McCormack this week in view of the A-League season kicking off next month.

Ironically, McCormack scored home and away against Central Coast Mariners last season while on loan for Melbourne City.

Down Under Success

The striker impressed during his time in the A League, so it always remained a potential way out of Villa to enable him to actually play football this season.

McCormack was the quickest player to reach 13 goals as a rookie in A League history. He ended his spell in Melbourne scoring 14 goals in 16 starts, suggesting he’s not lost his instinct, even when he wasn’t quite 100% fit.

Due to his high wages, no doubt Central Coast Mariners will only pay a percent of his wages (as Hull City are doing with Tommy Elphick).

Moving to a rather nice part of the world to be a top dog in the A League, certainly beats plying his trade lower down in the English Leagues, so despite having a young family to think about, you’d expect McCormack to seize the opportunity.


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