Ross McCormack Speaks Out and Admits Aston Villa Disaster

“I’m not the kind of guy who wants to basically collect money and do nothing” – Ross McCormack

Currently the biggest transfer letdown in the Tony Xia era has to be the signing of Ross McCormack. From the initial unclear intention of where he was going to play to the ‘gate’ farce that ensued soon after.

After Villa failed to offload the striker in the summer transfer window, both the player and club received an unexpected solution when last week Melbourne City came calling from Australia’s A-League.

Touch Down, Down Under

At the moment, McCormack is on loan until January, and touched down in Australia midnight on Saturday, and despite the flight, managed to start training at 9am.

“I’ve always said I wanted to come to Australia or the MLS to play,” reflected McCormack, during his first press duties.

“I think it’s actually a blessing in disguise that it’s come this early not when you’re coming to the end and you can’t make an impact.”

ROSS McCormack melbourne city

After offering up the usual positives to his new club’s supporters like  “I’m not the kind of guy who wants to basically collect money and do nothing” quote (he’s already collecting decent money from Villa for doing nothing), McCormack opened up about his move and his troubled time at Villa.

Villa Disaster

“It’s been a disaster,” McCormack said.

“There’s no two ways about it. I scored four goals and played something like 25 games.

“If you look at the five years before that I was averaging over 50 games a season and probably over 20 goals.

“I think most players have a dip in their careers, hopefully that was mine.”

To his credit, McCormack admitted he had to address his doubters on the pitch.

“I’m not a silly little boy now, I know there’s a bit to prove,” McCormack said.

“And I know what people will be thinking, because I’ve read it on my social media, that ‘his attitude isn’t great’.

“But I was club captain at Leeds, club captain at Fulham. If you’ve got a bad attitude you’re not getting those honours.

“So my message is that I’m here to do things right.

“It’s been a disaster. There’s no two ways about it” –  Ross McCormack

In MOMS opinion, it’s certainly a good move for McCormack and any Villa scout that gets to fly out to Australia and check on his progress playing for Melbourne City (Villa, I’m volunteering, if you need someone).

While it’s unlikely McCormack will feature for Villa again if they got promoted, in a worst case scenario of still being in the Championship next season, there may still be a role for him to play.


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