At the start of the week, Villa supporters would be forgiven if they thought Micah Richards would be the first major Villa player to leave this week. It seemed odds on for Richards to become a Black Cat, but it turned out that any Sunderland interest had fizzled out with the appointment of David Moyes as their manager.

Medical One

Brad Guzan had his medical yesterday and has now completed a two-year deal with Middlesbrough, giving him an instant return to Premier League football, he might not have totally deserved.

He will though have to compete with ex-Barcelona number one, Víctor Valdés for the number one jersey at Boro. The newly promoted side clearly showing that you need to take the goalkeeper position seriously to survive in the Premier League, something that Villa failed to do last season.

Medical Two

Meanwhile, this evening, national newspapers are starting to report Idrissa Gueye has completed a medical at Everton. That was quick…

If he is one his way, while it’s debatable if he will be any great loss to Villa (despite his stats), it could be good business for Everton. If the Toffees secured him at around the £7.1/7.2m mark, considering Villa paid around £2m more, they save money and now has a season worth of Premier League experience under his belt.

Easy Come, Easy Go

MOMS has said it many times before that they’ll be no metaphoric tears shed over any of the current Villa squad leaving. 17 bloody points, just remember that.

Also, would you fear facing either Guzan or Gana, if they were in an opposition team? No, sir. In terms of ex-players, I’d fear facing up against Christian Benteke, but these lot, not in the slightest. In fact, that’s my concern at the moment in the Championship, there’s not many teams that will actually fear us at the moment.

Lets just say, I wish there were at least a couple more weeks of preseason for the Villa team to get itself together. The problem is, I remember saying that last preseason and look what happened.

Much work to do.



  1. So Sheffield Wednesday are fleecing us on ticket prices,what’s good for the goose etc ,return the compliment

  2. There are certainly concerns at the moment, Gabby given another chance is a poor decision he’s had his day, does he have a hold on the club for some reason ??? long contract or not – pay him off. Lescott/Richards need to move on quickly. Westwood and Burnley go together well. Where are our new strikers ???? or at least one new 20 goal a season should be brought in quicker. Gueye has a cheaper buy out clause than his actual sale price – Nice one Paddy Riley are you still here ???? Why ????? Another one part of the problem…….Again I am starting to get twitchy as to where we are and how close this season is. Regardless of what looks like some positive outcomes, the negative still out weigh them. The kids will have their chance and I hope they run rings around the seniors and keep their places…….The Middlesborough game should show us what it required still. Another keeper ? really ? where are the strikers ? My fingernails have only just grown back, please Villa let me keep them this season

  3. Only real concern with the Gueye move is defensively our midfield was like butter with him, what will it be like now? It is a great deal for the Toffees financially, but Villa have been historically poor in transfer valuations, notice Riley is still there acc. to Linkdin, mmmm… Dr. T, that should be the next exit. Guzan, no tears, loyal but mentally questionable, still like him to have a shocker today. Micah has a place at RB if he learns positional play, though would rather the wages were off the sheet.

    • No. Can’t say I see the sense in buying another keeper if rumors are to be believed, Pantilimon again. Steer needs games and Bunn is ok for 3rd choice, plus there is another kid too.

  4. Get a grip Steve.

    We’re closer to the beginning of the transfer window than the end, we’ve spent more than anyone else in the Championship aside from Newcastle, season ticket sales are higher than last season in a lower division and we have a great new manager.

    We will sign more players, more will leave and we’ll be just fine this season. You’ve got to remember just how poor some of the teams in the Championship really are.


  5. When are we going to see some players coming in, it’s like the Lerner era is back again, more proof our owner is not as flush as most people think. Why risk losing your players before you buy, what happens if we fail to get our targets?…….we will be worse off than before. Where is Xias 30,40,50 million he said the manager would get? He said he wanted the new players in really early to get them eased in before the season starts, we are just over a week away and we have 3!!!! How many have gone, assuming Gana and Guzan pass their medicals, we will probably lose Ayew and Amavi plus Veretout then the crud…..Gabby, Richards, Lescot, Baffouna….that 9 there!!
    We will start the season in the worse condition ever, we will be lucky to finish in the top half of the league. O.k, we might buy a dozen new players before the window closes, by that time we could be 10/12 points adrift. I really doubt this new owner, with Lerner we knew he had billions, he just decided not to spend anymore because he lost interest , we nor anyone else in this country knows who he is or what his worth is, I fear we have another bleak future to look forward to, another Small Heath situation, I hope I am totally wrong, but something don’t feel right, I also think I’m not the only one thinking this way.
    So come on Dr Tony back up all your talk and prove me wrong.


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