Dean Smith Reflects on Premier League Naivety as Lack of Transfers Sparks Desperate Clickbait

Aston Villa may have their 2020/21 fixtures locked in (apart from an opening day game!), but they’re still struggling to lock in their transfers for the upcoming season. While the market has been fairly stagnant, during Villa’s pre-season camp in Wales, in a club interview Dean Smith recently reflected on what he’s learnt in his first season in the Premier League to inform him going forward.

Time for reflection is over now, as Villa now look ahead to what hopefully will be a season of positive evolution.

On the latest My Old Man Said podcast we discuss Villa’s new fixtures, away shirt launch, recent shonky clickbait about Villa players, and a new Youth Academy addition.

Also, we look at the Football Supporters Association ‘Sustain the Game’ campaign and discuss whether there is a crisis/meltdown at Barcelona.

The always entertaining Under or Overrated section returns to look at the ex-Villa player duo of Brad Guzan and Julian Joachim.



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  1. Well Matty Cash is our 1st signing so let’ssee who is to follow . As for champions league players 1st have to prove they are playing @ the top of the Prem 1st so let’s see who is up for the challenge

  2. No need to rush to sign players in my opinion. If we do so they will be inflated. Our squad is not too bad. I trust the new Sporting Director to do the business.

  3. the comments on Dean Smith are out of order. The manager does not have control, the CEO and the board do. Smith is clearly pushing for a spend, but the comments about not being trapped in a bidding war shows where the power lies

    The comments which point out players want champions league are on the money. We are not attractive and the business side of the club is not in the managers control, so if you have complaints target the board room

    trevor fisher

  4. Villa offers £10m for Matty Cash that Forest value at £15m.

    If True, Villa recruitment team showing naivety, lack of commercialism and plain stupidity. The offer is a 33% discount on what Forest want. Are Villa happy to do the same for JG fee from MU?

    Surely the offer should be something like £12.5m upfront and £3.5m if MC plays 10 games for England.

    As I say if true, are Villa really being serious in their recruitment?

  5. We never learn do we. Smith needs to realise while he trying to save a fiver ge is risking his job this season. No more excuses Dean ..
    Pay the going rate.

  6. Yes get important needed new prem class players not over 32 years of age through villa park doors from now this going into new Premier league season in 2 weeks time is going to unsettle rest of the squad players in team now, not right you got £100mil plus from owners stop flapping on it get new players in now not 2021 next transfer window pay the bloody money too get players in or lose them too other clubs who offer money for them players am right, it’s now or never act on it fast dean smith or we are losing first five games with same squad no back up club sack you by losses we endure smith want that? Jury is out on that!

  7. Am I the only one that thinks we are behind where we should be?

    While I don’t believe or trust the media claptrap, I don’t think we are anyway close to being ready for the start of next season, Two weeks and counting. With an apparently gentler start we will need to be out of the blocks quickly. Heaton/ Wesley still injured and JG not confirmed as staying; our reflections of last year, goals and vision does not mirror any actions to-date.

    My view……. I am sitting on the edge of my seat right now! What happened to “Be Prepared”?

  8. the reality is that villa will be contacting agents and the agents will be saying do you play in the champion’s league. And as for the barcelona crisis, bring it on. a bit of light relief.

    If barca have a few problems, not an issue that players don’t want to come to villa. As Oli says, we are not chelsea.

    Get real. We are not attractive and we already have a squad of duds.

    Trevor FIsher

  9. Colin – you dont make an offer to the club until you’ve made agreements with the agent. In the case of Celtic – Edouard was and is holding out for Champions League – as is Rashica. In the case of others, clubs are trying to start bidding wars. So impasse until the clock ticks down. Smith is frustrated – but its how football works. Its not about being Cheap. You either vastly overpay, or you enter into these silly games and the players miss pre-season. I find it best to switch off, and try to only monitor alerts from the villa site about who has actually signed – otherwise you wind yourself up. So much Clickbait – it just encourages fury & more clickbait!

  10. We should have the Watkins deal done by now. Just pay the price.
    We missed out on Kalvin Phillips last season by offering 27 when Leeds wanted 30m. Ludicrous.
    We bought Jota for 2.instead. Ludicrous.
    We could have had Benrahma for 20 last season.
    We shop at Lidl, when we keep being told we are a massive and can afford to shop at M&S

  11. this is typical villa. wait and wait, then make deals that we didn’t really want or need. it is time to get the peoeple we need, pay he feees and get them into the squad training together straight away.

  12. We need new quality players NOW, we need to hit the ground running this season, get some early points on the board, not be fighting relegation from game 1 with the same old squad

  13. Because its not easy to sign players in this market???????????? Hence why very few other premier league clubs have signed anyone. And don’t mention Chelsea because we are not challenging for the title like they are.

  14. We just need to sign some payers why are we faffing around again. The club say we have 100 m to spend on players so get on with it before it’s too late. We have been hearing about a 30 m bid to Celtic but they say there has been no contact from Villa. This is same old same old. Trying to do things on the cheap when our priority is for quality signings to keep us in the league. All this is getting hard to believe, the players have been back in training for over a week and not a single signing.

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