Rémi Garde Aston Villa Bound, Says Arsene Wenger, Who’s Puzzled by Villa

It’s no secret anymore that former Lyon boss Rémi Garde is heading Aston Villa’s way, bar an unexpected turnaround. Villa’s caretaker boss Kevin MacDonald in the pre-match press conference for the Spurs game, spoke openly about Garde being the man most likely, and also today, Arsene Wenger, who managed Garde the player at Arsenal, spent a chunk of his own pre-match press conference discussing the virtues of the incoming Villa manager.

Interestingly, on top of discussing Garde’s qualities, Wenger gave his backing to recent managers at Villa and pointed the finger at a lack of technical stability for being the reason of the poor performance of the club over the past few seasons.

Here’s what the Arsenal boss had to say about Garde, courtesy of the Arsenal website

“But they had no technical stability at Villa until now” – Arsène Wenger

Arsène Wenger on Remi Garde…

I’m convinced that he’s the frontrunner. There are some problems to sort out there with his assistants, who work for Lyon as well. I don’t know if he will manage to sort that out or not. It is a challenge that he should take. Are assistants of Lyon free or not? It doesn’t matter, it’s a challenge he should take.

on what advice he’d give Garde…

You know our job is to be faithful to your personality and have the courage to live with your ideas.

on what Garde will offer…

Honestly I have a lot of respect for all the managers who have worked at Villa. I think they are all quality managers. But they had no technical stability at Villa until now. It shows that the club, as long as it doesn’t manage to get technical stability, the results are up and down. Hopefully he will be given time. I believe Sherwood wasn’t given time, Lambert wasn’t given time to turn things round and many very good managers have failed there. I don’t know why exactly, you need to know the internal problems inside the club that I don’t know.

on Garde’s qualities

Remi is an intelligent man who has experience in Lyon now. He will try to get his ideas through, the ideas he got through in Lyon and hopefully it can work. They have five or six French players there who haven’t all had an impact, maybe he will give them a chance, I don’t know.

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  1. What a farce, This whole episode is making us the biggest joke in the prem, If it wasn’t bad enough Alex Furguson sticking his nose in over the appointment of McLeish now we have Wenger adding his penny worth. Who for Christ sake is running our club. If we have to go down simply to see the back of Lerner, Fox and the rest of the idiots, so be it. I never thought I would ever say this but for me, its the only way we will ever get our club back
    Viva la Chateau de Aston

  2. what does Wenger mean by technical stability? he is right about knowing the internal problems, they are massive. At least with Garde they are consistent, but Lerner has been totally inconsistent. That is the big internal problem. Houllier, McLeish, Lambert, Sherwood, now Garde if they get him, less and less experience of the Premiership each time.

    Its not the manager that is the problem and I am always amazed the board – if we have a board with lerner in New York – has got away with terrible decisions. Do the fans not realize this?

    Trevor Fisher

  3. If the fact that Wenger thinks Lambert was a good manager is a measure of how good a judge of Managers he is……God Help Villa because he slso thinks Garde is good!! If Lambert had been given four more years at Villa they would be playing in the conference!! The worst manager of all time – an absolute fool who has no tactical awareness whatsoever. Never mind Paul, Strachan only slightly better than you & he got the Scotland job! There is bound to be a club chairman somewhere who will give you a job.

  4. At least Ferguson didn’t gob off all over the press like Henri Paul puking up his Pernod in the alleyway. Quick bit of correspondence did the job.

    Frankly, if we get out of jail once more this time, I don’t care if its Coco the clown. But there will be a lot of doubters if its this guy. He won’t get given much rope.

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