The REAL Mystery Villa Park Protest for the Newcastle Game Exposed

There’s been a lot of talk in the press about a ‘mystery protest’ at Villa Park at Aston Villa’s final home game of the season. Finally, MOMS can debunk the secrecy and give you the real plans for the protest, and it’s got nothing to do with beach balls and balloons…

While impersonating a police officer may be a crime, impersonating a steward is perfectly above board

The Real Mystery Protest of the Season

Aston Villa are heading for a shameful 16 point season and it’s no surprise that Villa supporters have been protesting in recent weeks against the gross negligence of the Randy Lerner administration.

We’ve had walkouts, kiosk boycotts, season ticket holders boycotting games, banners and an upcoming march too.

At the recent home game against Chelsea, which was screened live on BT Sport, the stadium management seemed to finally realise that the Villa Park stewards had been heavy-handed with their response to some ‘Lerner Out’ banners (rugby tackling teenagers with banners or confiscating them at the door).

At the Southampton game at Villa Park though, there seemed to be a paranoid fear from the club that Villa supporters would invade the pitch. To save costs on extra stewards in view of the recent cut staff cutbacks, the following message was displayed on the Villa Park scoreboard instead.

villa park scoreboard banning order warning

Cut Backs

What hasn’t been reported in the press this week, is that the club are about to make additional redundancies at the club to the 500 staff originally mooted, by getting rid of most of the Villa Park stewards. It’s been suggested next season they will cut back to having just one steward per stand at Villa Park, Also, in order to save on the club’s electricity bill, they won’t be using the electronic score boards until they are promoted back to the Premier League.

Villa supporters when planning their next protest for the Newcastle game have taken these changes on board.

Originally in the press it was reported that 74 beach balls would be released on the 74th minute, but this is nothing to do with protesting. The beach balls are presents for the exiting stewards for their summer holidays.

With reports that they’ll be members of the Geordie Nation dotted around Villa Park with the away end sold out, a new protest has been devised to help the club weed out Newcastle fans in the home stands.


The latest protest at the Newcastle game will actually be #HiVizOn74, where all Villa supporters will put on Hi Viz Steward jackets on the 74 minute.

“We feel that this is a great way to help the club out in hard times,” said the protest organiser.

“With 30,000 Villa fans dressed as stewards, we’ll have more than enough man power to help throw out any Newcastle fans that have strayed into areas of the ground they shouldn’t be in.”

HI-Vis Villa Park steward

Asked the question of whether it will cause confusion to the club to have 30,000+ supporters masquerading as stewards at the game on Saturday, the spokesman told MOMS.

“While impersonating a police officer may be a crime, impersonating a steward is perfectly above board. It’s time to also show the stadium management at the club how to run Villa Park properly.”

The protest group are also thought to be considering to get the 30,000 stewards to throw the under-performing Villa squad out of the stadium, when the final whistle goes to prevent them from doing a lap of honour.

“It’s something we’re giving serious thought to,” said the #HiVizOn74 organiser.

“After this season, we need to get some of those players out of Villa Park ASAP. It might be better to do it straight after the Newcastle game, rather than having to rely on the club trying to sell them.”

The Hi Viz Hardcore…expect them.


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