Randy Lerner Utters Rare Words to Villa Fans in Confirming Garde Appointment

Aston Villa finally confirmed the appointment of Rémi Garde, but were seemingly unable to do a proper press roll-out with photo shoot etc due to fog inferring with travel plans and the logistics of Villa’s trip to White Hart Lane.

In the club’s statement, Tom Fox, Aston Villa Chief Executive, again mentioned his behind-the-scenes overhaul of the club’s structure: “For the past year we have been working purposefully to transform the Club in order to build a successful organisation that can compete and succeed in the Premier League.”

He obviously then announced his confidence in his latest pick of manager, as the man to lead a transformation on the pitch.

That man, Rémi Garde in the few words of his committed to the statement, spoke of positive meetings with both Fox and Lerner.

“I’ve had extremely positive meetings with both the owner, Randy Lerner, and Chief Executive Tom Fox. They have ambitious plans for the Club and I’m excited that they have turned to me to help them realise them.

“Obviously we have a difficult task in front of us but I’m looking forward to the challenge with the support of everyone who loves Aston Villa.”

Then came the surprise ending to the statement, words from that guy who owns the club, who is notable for his absence. Maybe it was a direct result of recent criticism of Lerner and a call for him to come forward out of the shadows more? It was only a few sentences, but still, it’s a start.

“Rémi came with ideas, honesty, humour and a steely sense of what it will take for Aston Villa to be what it is meant to be – hard working, tireless, creative and unwilling to concede,” said Lerner, in the statement announcing Garde’s appointment.

“Nobody at Villa can deny that we are way behind. We recruited aggressively this past summer and it is our responsibility to now harvest this talent rather than buckle under pressure and criticism – we are better than that. On behalf of the Board we wish Rémi every success.”

Time to play catch up then.


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  1. Good luck Remi, Your going to need it to sort this lot out and deal with a clueless board

  2. Glad Lerner spoke out, aggressively doesn’t equal wisely or successfully though. i hope Remi brings us the success we need.

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