The Tony Xia Song

With the changing of the ownership guard over the summer, it was inevitable there would be some changes in the Aston Villa faithful’s songbook come the first season in the Championship.

First of all, it was out with the old, with this little number now discarded to history:



A favourite of Villa supporters in the final months of the Randy Lerner reign and the anthem of the protests against the former Villa owner, it certainly served us well.

No doubt with Villa being in the Championship, they’ll be plenty of self-depreciating humour from Villa away fans over the cause of the season. As Newcastle found out in ‘Sob of the Tyne II’ at Villa Park, it’s not easy task taking the pi** out of us, when we have all avenues already covered.

Things Can Only Get Better

To kick things off heading into the opening game of the Championship away to Sheffield Wednesday, at Hillsborough, Villa’s travelling supporters were in a much more positive mood.

A bunch of supporters had hired a stretched limo to get to the ground, and on the way, came up with a Tony Xia Song to celebrate Villa’s new Chinese owner.

As you can see from the video below shot by this Villa supporter it’s already a bit of a classic.



Based on D-Ream’s 1994 hit “Things Can Only Get Better”, it should catch on like wild fire as long as Villa manage to start getting results on the pitch.

Imagine next season, if/when we get promoted. Surely the first away game warrants a convoy of limos to turn up to the stadium singing the Tony Xia song?

It’s going to be a tough season ahead, but with a few more new faces at Villa Park, and this new positive anthem, hopefully the mood around the club can finally lift.


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  1. good one. How’s this fly. Please not that Will Gregg song, for McGrath’s sake

    Ross McCormack had a dream
    Ayew Ayew Too
    And in their dream we won the league
    Ayew Ayew Too
    With a hatrick here and a hatrick there
    Everywhere a hatrick, even takes the corner kicks
    Ross McCormack had a dream
    Ayew Ayew Too

  2. Watching the first few games in the championship – the quality is poor , lots of enthusiasm and endeavour but compared with the premiership it’s Sunday football . If Villa can add a few quality players to the starting line up and build confidence then we can get out of this league .
    UTV Tony

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