Premier League Live TV Broadcast Announcement Dates for Your Diaries

Premier League Live TV Broadcast Announcement Dates

There’s no doubt one of the biggest frustrations during the football season for supporters of Premier League teams, is the constant changing of fixture times and dates to accommodate the TV schedules of live broadcast. The key to minimal disruption for fans is as much notice as possible.

Last season, the Premier League were constantly late with their TV broadcast announcement dates, with some announcements coming up to several weeks late, leaving supporters with potential rising costs when it came to booking transport and accommodation – even before you start thinking about changing work commitment etc.

The 2022/23 season is already going to be a unique season for disruption, with the upcoming winter World Cup break, which we’ve already discussed the affects on the fixture list, it’ll have, so hopefully the below dates, that the Premier League have called ‘approximate’ announcement dates, will be kept to make life as easy as possible for match-going supporters.

Monthly TV Schedule Announcement Dates for 2022/23 Season

August/September5 July
October29 July
November13 September
December/January11 October
February6 December
March25 January
April21 February
MW3523 March
MW3630 March
MW377 April
MW38Post MW37
N.B. These dates are subject to change

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