Is this the New Aston Villa 2014/15 Home Kit?

aston villa home kit 2014/15

Aston Villa 2014/15 Home Kit?



With the new Aston Villa home kit being unveiled on Monday the 2nd June, you won’t have to wait long for the answer to what the new home kit will look like. However, with the event of social media there’s always the fun of trying to guess what it’ll look like ahead of time. Remember some of the attempts at guessing Villa’s away kit last season?!

Of course, Villa supporters are currently more interested in what the next Villa owner will look like, but putting our kit apathy to one side for a moment, the recent animated Villa website advert for the new home kit suggests the below mocks are close to being on the money.



aston villa home kit 2014



The suggested equivalent white away kit design with claret pinstripes may be a little conservative compared to the more outlandish Macron away designs of the last two seasons to be true, but an away shirt that is close to the 1982 European Cup winning one would be a nice touch. I think Macron will follow their previous form and go for something a bit more bolder though.

The blackcurrent quarter away kit will remain Villa’s third choice kit for next season, so at least you’ll get some extended value out of it.

In terms of this home kit design, what do you think? Please comment below. UTV


aston villa home kit 2014 15




  1. Like the stripes, we generally win something when we wear stripes, 1957,1982,1994 !

  2. We need a new oner first and I hate the dafabet!!! Don’t know why but I just reminds me of shocking defending!!

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