Is this the New Aston Villa Away Kit for the 2013/14 Season?

Aston Villa away kit 2013

 New Aston Villa Away Kit?


The Aston Villa home kit will always be a claret and blue variation on a theme, but the new Aston Villa away kit always offers up endless possibilities. From the Muller ’94 green, black and red to last season’s lime. In the build-up to the official announcement, it creates it’s own cottage industry of hype. Mock-ups, fakes, and phony designs do the social media rounds; some for laughs and some in a a serious attempt at guess work.


The marketing department should have used this image for a teaser ad, just to scare a few Villa fans.


At MOMS, we’re not too bothered about the hype, as what will be, will be, but after we saw the top image of the potential kit, matching the collar of the shirt in the club’s teaser ads, wishful thinking kicked in. The club have switched to a monchrome badge on their social media outlets suggesting either: a) the badge will be black & white and the kit will follow suit, or b) It’s a ‘guess what colour the away kit will be’ statement.

Hopefully, it will be a case of a), because that means the above kit will recall one of our personal favourite away kits – the Hummel 1989/90 kit. The one that Graham Taylor took us to second in the league in.


We need a kit to be taken seriously again in.

As long as there’s a flash of colour to stop it resembling Derby County, then the job’s a good one.  UTV

PS – If the above is just a mock-up – it’s the best one.
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  1. Thankfully, the eventual kit was a better version of the quarter design that was being mooted about. Still need to see it in the flesh, to see what it’s like. Looks like a continental footy shirt.

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