My Old Man Song – Lyrics and History

 My Old Man Song of Aston Villa Supporters

‘All the words, to all the songs!’

Walking along Sir Matt Busby Way towards Old Trafford stadium for Aston Villa’s game there in 2009 (when Villa finally beat United for the first time in 26 years), there was a bloke with a box of booklets, shouting, ‘All the words to all the songs’.

He was selling United fan song books.

After a few minutes standing in a hot dog stand queue, outside of Old Trafford, you soon realise why. There were people asking for burgers and hot dogs in all sorts of accents: German, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, French, Italian, the list goes on.

Due to United’s international appeal through the television coverage of their Premier League success under Sir Alex Ferguson over the years, the need to educate their increasingly ranks of international fans is apparent. Naturally, many are the new breed of football tourist, who come for the ‘live matchday experience’. Well that’s what is printed on those half-and-half scarves, they tend to buy. 

If they really want to get involved and ditch your ‘plastic’ status, they better learn those words fast get involved in the singing and chanting. It’s hard to knock United fans, when our own fans are sometimes equally quiet in some areas of Villa Park (getting better though).

To help with matters, we’ve published a few online songbooks of Villa classics, which you can find links to below.

Let’s start with one of the mightiest of Aston Villa songs, the My Old Man song, which My Old Man Said takes its name from. Back in the day, it was known to go on for 20 minutes when Villa played the Blues.

Words to the ‘My Old Man’ Song

My old man said be a city fan
and i said boll**ks you’re a c*nt,
you’re a c*nt.

We hate the blues and they f*ckin know it,
we hate the blues and were gonna show it.

With Spinksy and Birchy, Alan McInally,
there the boys who’re gonna do us fine.

And if you support the blues then
you’re a blue nose bast**d,
and you ain’t no friend of mine…


History of the My Old Man Song

The song derives from an old cockney tune ‘Don’t Dilly Dally (My Old Man Said Follow The Van) from the 1940’s, that helped Londoners keep their spirits up throughout the Blitz and Battle of Britain during World War II.

Original lyrics of the bit of My Old Man, that Villa fans took (with cockney pronunciation):

My old man said foller the van, and don’t dilly-dally on the way”.

Off went the van wiv me ‘ome packed in it.

walked be’ind wiv me old cock linnet.

But I dillied and daillied, Dallied and dillied;

Lost me way and don’t know where to roam.

And you can’t trust a “Special” like the old-time copper

When you can’t find your way home.

Check out The Muppets singing the original My Old Man song (it gets familiar at the 36 second mark).

For further origins and a rubbish clean-language version, check out the My Old Man song wikipedia page

The MOMS Villa Songbook Collection

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