What We Learned as Villa Fans From Foxes Point and Wycombe Win

Still no new signings as the window ticks away, but an earned point against league-leading Leicester City and we’re into the fourth round of the FA Cup after a rare win at Villa Park. What can Aston Villa fans learn from an unbeaten week?


Partly down to some random refereeing, the result against Leicester was probably harsh on Villa if anything. It’s been a long time since fans can say that.

Kozak is looking like the valid option we hoped he would be, but he’s rusty as an old Watney’s Party Seven can. Gestede showed he can be a sound substitution, if not a starter, and Gana put in the performance we hoped we would have seen more of by now. It wasn’t as industrious or attacking as the snake he was signed to replace might have put in, but it was encouraging and a leader’s showing.

Say what you want about the weakness of the Leicester penalty – Bunn’s save was massive for lifting spirits and avoiding that “here we go again” feeling. So far, Bunn has made something of a mockery of reports of a new goalkeeper being our first signing this January. He’s proved money would be better spent elsewhere if nothing else.


Brad was back in goal against Wycombe, but he wasn’t the main reason the fans stayed away. Not that they missed much.

In better times, a routine win against lower division opposition (even if it was left late) would have been better attended, taken for granted, and celebrated. But the fans are unhappy and want more. And they want it now. Those lamenting that neither goal came from a forward should realise our central defenders should have five or six headed goals between them by this point and our midfield should have double that.

All that said, Man City in the next round means those inflatable snakes get another airing and hopefully Citeh field a weakened team (with Delph starting haha) that can see some cup glory alongside our relegation flight. Wins breed wins.


Villa fans certainly won’t be forgetting Vidic and his thuggery in the League Cup final, but with talk of him linked with a return to England in a Villa shirt, this poses a couple of questions.

Yes, he’s a big name, but Inter are letting him go for a reason. If he’s not going to be an upgrade, what’s the point? He won’t come cheap, he’s 34, there’s not much to entice him but a big pay day (unlikely), and if he’s not at least better than forgotten man Senderos or the spotty-form of Lescott, he might not be the bargain he looks.


The Baggies beckon and a ten-point deficit from survival could be cut to seven with a win. Albion lost to Swansea and Bournemouth before edging past a resilient Bristol City in a tricky cup tie.

Nobody is saying they are there for the taking, but if this fixture can’t get the fans and team motivated it would be one of the most disheartening turns of the season.


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  1. I was in attendance for both games and whilst neither were good the Wycombe game should be sited as crowd abuse, I hope any children present were made to avert their gaze. I have never been ashamed of being a Villa supporter even when we were in the third division but I am certainly ashamed of this group of players, definitely the worst to pull on a villa shirt.

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