Outgoing Aston Villa Striker Raises Questions Past and Present

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At the end of last season, MOMS would have been indifferent to any Aston Villa player leaving the club who was responsible for such a woeful season. Those who have remained at the club have done little since to win back Villa’s place in the top-tier.

Last week Villa manager Steve Bruce confirmed that striker Rudy Gestede had been in talks with Middlesbrough and the Daily Mail today reports that the Benin international striker is currently in Teeside to wrap up the deal.

The deal should see Villa break even on the £6million they initially fronted up for the striker.


Gestede has so far proved to be a one season wonder in his career, scoring 20 league goals in the 2014-15 Championship season for Blackburn, a performance that prompted Tim Sherwood and company to bring him to Villa.

After Villa’s relegation, it seemed that the Gestede purchase was indeed forward-planning for the Championship, after he again failed to make an impression in the Premier League with Villa in a similiar fashion to his muted spell at Cardiff City.

Gestede’s technical deficiencies put a huge question mark over his ability to contribute in the Premier League beyond being a bit part player, however there is no doubting his heading ability (he scored the most headers of any player in the English leagues in 2015).


His aerial prowess was also very useful when defending corners, an asset that was often overlooked at Villa.


If you can provide the service that Villa seemed reluctant to, then there are benefits to having Gestede in a squad certainly in the Championship. Certainly some Villa fans felt he offered the team an alternative route of attack, but then scratched their heads as he came on as a substitute (more than once) to replace his most likely supplier, right-winger Albert Adomah.

There’s been question marks over how Villa have utilised their strikers this season. Have the two Villa managers got the best out of Gestede, Ayew, McCormack and even Kodjia?

A poor midfield haven’t helped matters, but Villa still had the likes of Adomah and also Jack Grealish in the team, yet supply to the strikers still hasn’t been the greatest.

Gestede’s temperament has been good at the club and fans have largely regarded him fondly with his goal on his debut away at Bournemouth and his impactful headed winner in the League Cup against Blues, winning him favour.

Yes, maybe he would have been useful in the Championship with no guarantees of promotion this season, but the chance for Villa to get their money back and sharpen the focus on utilising the strikers that remain is the silver lining of the transfer.

Ultimately, signing Gestede to replace Christian Benteke’s presence as a focal point for Villa’s attack was one of the several naive decisions that led to Villa’s relegation. So there’s no reason to loose any sleep as we wish Rudy well at his next club.



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  1. Right again Trevor the treatment of Ayew is an absolute disgrace, and the point about 8 mins at the end of a match for RHM beggars belief, does Bruce know what’s going on ? Ok other people may not rate Ayew and they are entitled to their opinion but it wouldn’t surprise me if he put in a transfer request when he gets back.
    Does Bruce seriously count Flabby as a centre forward, and as for McCormack I would get shot.
    Finally why do you think that Ivory Coast wouldn’t agree to an extension for Kodjia when Crystal police get an extension for their Ivory Coast player.?

  2. Mmm another player wasted at Villa. Don’t think any manager really played to his strengths, needs a winger. Be interesting to see what Trapre can do for him, why do I have visions of them combining to score against Villa in this league next season.
    Lets see, need an RB now the goalie is seemingly done. Would like a mid and a striker too, but that is a lot to ask. Bruce needs to do better with what he has, some decisons have baffled me recently.

    • if anyone can explain holding Ayew back from Africa and then not playing him, please do so. And whatever happened to Andre Green? It used to be him who got 8 minutes at the end of the match to make no impact at all. Now its Rushian Hepburn Murphy.

      I am not smart enough to know why 8 minutes in a lost match is any good to a young player.
      Please can some one tell me what the point is.

      Trevor Fisher.
      Trevor Fisher,

  3. we have not got one quality striker at villa kodija is very limited take away the pens and he does not score a lot from open play a major concern as we cant rely on penalties to keep the goal count ticking over rhm must be given a chance now kodija and ayew are away fat boy has been past it for a few good seasons now with rudy and libor out the door we have limited options we must play to ross’ strengths and have to find a good supply route asap as I think this season is over for us its now time to build for next season as unless our new midfielders sparkle straight away and ross and rhm click its a forlorn hope I would love to be wrong but I cant see it can we go on a 8 or 9 game winning run with what we have got at villa park answers on a postcard please I don’t think 11 million on another unwanted striker is the way to go either

  4. gabby libor rudy ross jordan and kodja,, plus hep murphy

    that gives us seven,,,,,,,,,,,,

    it looks like libor and rudy are off and long with them any Ariel presence,,,,,,

    our side is very average with the defence playing ok and the attack feeding off scraps supplied to them

    not enough goals from anyone other than kodjia,, corners , freekicks , penalties we need to convert many more of these,, and we need a few more regular scorers,,

    it could be bruce finds the players so we can kill of teams,,, he probably knows what he wants but who knows eh

    • yes that list makes sense- hep murphy has never started I think, so 6 is reasonable. Libor would never make it, and if Rudy is being chased by a premiership side he would want to go. Jordan Ayew is apparently being given an extension by Ghana so might play at Cardiff, but Kodjia is not been given any extra time by Ivory Coast. So we are left this month with Gabby who I can’t see doing anything, ROss MacCormack who should now get a chance, and Hepburn Murphy would should also get a chance. So Adomah and Jack Grealish have to chip in with goals.

      I give up on the midfield players for scoring goals, more chance the centre backs scoring. But we live in hope. if losing Kozak, Gestede and for the time being Ayew and Kodjia doesn’t mean other players step up to the plate, Jan uary could be a grim month.

      Trevor Fisher

  5. Absolutely agree with Trevor, for me too much emphasis on defenders and no where near enough on strikers, goals win matches and we don’t score anywhere near enough, personally I would have kept Gestede and signed Rhodes these two had a great partnership at Blackburn and well worth another go, McCormack should go along with Gabby, and I would keep Ayew at least until the end of the season, get RHM to sign his new contract offer and put him in the squad bring him on as an impact sub, finally I think the new keeper from Man U will be a good signing. Any jobs going at Villa ?

  6. bruce has said he has 6 centre forwards. How does he make 6? But whatever, we have not enough goals in the team and while defence is doing well with around 1 per game =conceded, there is little more than one goal per game from the attack.

    Who is scouting for the club and have we finally got the guy from Southampton who is supposed to be A1 in this department? BEcause not scouting good players is the route to failure.

    Trevor FIsher.

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