Leandro Bacuna Ban is Doubled By the FA

Leandro Bacuna Ban

After Leandro Bacuna was initially given a three match ban for rubbing his head on a linesman’s at the end of the recent Derby win, the FA have seen fit to double the punishment.

It was interesting to see Villa supporter comments about the incident on MOMS social media at the time, which spanned a full spectrum of reaction from denial to expressing Bacuna’s stupidity.

Yes, it wasn’t a ‘headbutt’, but as some fans pointed out, you just can’t make contact with an official that way without leaving yourself open to whatever disciplinary punishment the FA throws your way.

Bacuna wasn’t acting smart to say the least and luckily for him there wasn’t more than a few seconds of the game left, as he would have let his teammates and Villa supporters down (plus, himself, after a decent performance).

It’s hard to argue with any FA ban that he opened himself up for, although you have to question the FA’s consistency with the length of bans they hand out.

FA Statement in Full

Aston Villa’s Leandro Bacuna will serve a six-match suspension following his dismissal in the game against Derby County on 25 February 2017.

He admitted a breach of FA Rule E3 in that his behaviour in or around the 94th minute of the game constituted violent conduct in circumstances where the standard punishment of three matches would be clearly insufficient.

Following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing, a three-match suspension was added to the sanction the player is already serving following his dismissal.

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  1. no plese lets be sensible. If he had actually hit the linesman then we would not see him for the rest of the season and beyond. What he did was indefensible. never make contact with an official. Period. Yes it was not serious. From where I was in the Holte I could not see what he had done, had to watch it on TV.

    But Leo has to learn not to let the red mist rise. From the photo, the look in his eyes is a man who has lost control. This is never sensible and fans simply can’t accept it. I like Leo, I am in favour of him playing. But he cannot lose his temper.


    • I agree Trevor, but Steve Bruce quite rightly pointed out a similar incident at Blackburn where the player received a ONE match ban, so as much as we know players cannot touch officials, the FA have to start being more consistent with their punishments as there is a 5 game difference between 2 similar situations……..just like when Man City and several other clubs had pitch invasions in big games without anything being done, then Villa get thrown to the lions over the WBA game which WBA fans were to blame for, it’s unjust, unfair and quite frankly discriminatory by the FA as always where Villa is concerned! An utter joke!

  2. there is an old saying that one might as well be hung for a pound as a penny . Yes Bacuna over reacted to a match a jumped up nobody of a match oficial but punishment has to fit the crime & maybe he should have knocked the linesman’s head off if the FA are going to be as heavy handed

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