Kodjia Appeal by Aston Villa Turns Up Trumps

If you’re gunning for 20 league goals in a season and need one more with three games to go, it’s perhaps best not to get sent off and pick up a three-match ban. That’s exactly what Jonathan Kodjia managed to do in Villa’s last game away to Fulham, which left a sour taste, after he had been Villa’s sweetest performer this season.

There was some debate to whether Kodjia actually deserved a straight red while the instigator of the incident, Fulham’s full-back Fredericks kicked out at the Villa striker first and escaped unpunished.

Certainly MOMS wasn’t convinced by the ref’s eventual decision.

Villa boss Steve Bruce also suggested that the ref initially had no problem with it

“It [Jonathan Kodja’s red card] cannot be deemed as violent conduct, surely,” said Bruce post-match. “I hope the referee looks at it, because the referee didn’t give it – the fourth official did.”

Villa did appeal the decision on the grounds of it not being violent conduct and today successfully managed to get a reduction in the ban.

The Ivory Coast international will now just miss the Second City derby against Birmingham, but will be available against Blackburn and Brighton.

Kodjia isn’t quite on the beach yet. Now, he’s got two cracks at that 20-goal target.

We wish him well.


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  1. Its a pity that soccer does not have the retrospective citing system used by rugby union. Fredericks would have been in some trouble; as it is he has deliberately started an incident, kicked an opponent, run straight to the ast ref to plead for a card, got Villa’s main man sent off, escaped scot-free and possibly guaranteed his side the win. He is probably not ashamed but he should be.
    Kodjia however was silly and must learn a lesson. In his defence he had been consistently fouled vs Reading and QPR and had no protection from the officials at either game. As at other times this season. He must have been at the end of his tether. Officials really do need to wise up and enforce the rules. They know that a potential goal scorer is always targeted and intimidated but seem happy to let it happen. The presence of two combative opposition managers in Warnock and Stam may well have intimidated the refs. Who knows?

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