An Unexpected Historic Scene at Villa Park Today

Shocking scenes from Villa Park today as passing Villa fans witnessed the North Stand actually getting cleaned!

Yes, Villans, it’s FINALLY happening!

The dark grimy grey side of the stand that overlooks the car park and Villa Store has ruined thousands of Villa fan’s selfies and been an embarrassment to all at the club when you consider it’s the first sight of the ground visiting supporters have.

You have to be a Villa supporter of several decades to remember what the actual colour of the stand is under the thick dirt that has accumulated over the years (previous cleans are rumoured, but we’ve never seen it clean!). No doubt the club’s official photographer will also be happy that he doesn’t have to wait until nightfall to take pictures of the stand for Villa’s corporate and press needs.

The catalyst for the clean-up is no doubt the prospect of Villa Park hosting a couple of the Rugby World Cup games in September (rather than new owners coming to town). South Africa play Samoa (Saturday, September 26th) and Australia play Uruguay (Sunday, 27th September) on the hallowed turf.

We can’t have the middle class rugger buggers subjected to such dirt and grim, can we now?

it was half-expected if fortunes improved on the Villa Park pitch, fans would see a wrecking ball put through the North Stand in its redevelopment, before we’d see an industrial cleaner turn up at the ground.

Once the guy in the picture has finished cleaning the North Stand, MOMS hopes he’ll also clean the ‘Doug Ellis’ graffiti off the Witton Lane stand too.

Hopefully, the clean-up job will also symbolically clean away the under achievement that has plagued the club in recent years.


Photo: @Neilh111 ?

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