Rugby World Cup Posts Cause Complication to Villa Park Pitch

Rugby World Cup Villa Park Issue

In the forthcoming 2015/16 season Villa Park will host a couple of extra games than normal, as it welcomes the Rugby World Cup to B6. The final weekend in September will see South Africa play Samoa (Saturday, September 26th) and Australia play Uruguay (Sunday, 27th September) the following day on the hallowed turf.

Villa Park hasn’t been a ground synonymous with Rugby although touring New Zealand teams has twice played against Midlands select teams in past decades.

The preparations for Villa Park’s latest adventures in rugby though has caused Villa ground staff a little bit of a headache when the rugby posts apparently damaged the undersoil heating pipes.

Fixing the problem meant that sections of the pitch had to be dug up with groundsman seeing under the pitch for the first time in nine years since the Desso synthetic fibre pitch was first laid.

A little known fact is that 3% of the Villa Park pitch is actually made up of Desso synthetic fibres. That doesn’t sound a lot, but the reality is over twenty million artificial grass fibres, have ben injected to a 20cm depth to help fortify the Villa Park pitch and make it three times more durable than an 100% grass pitch.

Durable that is until you start sticking rugby posts into it! UTV

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(Pic: MOMS June 2015)