Hints Starting to Drop to Likelihood of New Aston Villa Boss

More clues to the new Aston Villa boss?

The national press are starting to take a more serious approach in reporting on who will be the new Aston Villa boss after the recent weeks of  Steve Bruce, Mick McCarthy and the like, wide goose chase reporting.

MOMS intel since Garde left, has suggested that Nigel Pearson has impressed various members of the Villa board, and considered a natural fit when considering the task ahead for the club. In fact, apart from whispers of favour in some quarters for Gary Monk, all indications have pointed to Pearson (we did say put money on it weeks ago 🙂 ).

Yes, Nottingham Forest have also been lobbying hard for the no-nonsense former Foxes manager, but his appearance at the Forest game on Monday against Brighton seems to have more chance of being related to Villa matters.

There’s no doubt Pearson would have to rebuild the Villa midfield, so why not check out Gary Gardener who’s on loan there and also get a feel for the Championship while he’s at it.

Any announcement on a new Villa manager may be delayed, so the club can finish off the reminder of this deadwood season, while the new boss works away in the background under the radar of press intrusion. Also, a manager wouldn’t want to the stain of relegation on his record, just for the sake of managing the players that have let the club down for a few games.

This approach certainly seems like it would match Pearson’s pragmatic approach (see our article for more on that). A likely public announcement would be with two or three games to go, with the manager watching from the stands and taking over officially as soon as the final whistle blows at the Emirates.

Although, the assignment is the Championship next season, a league that Pearson won with Leicester, with a season managing the Foxes in the Premier League and also managing Newcastle for the odd game as caretaker manager before that, Pearson actually has more Premier League experience than Tim Sherwood and Remi Garde had put together when they respectively took the Villa job.


The Guardian this evening announced that as well as being the frontrunner for the Villa job as predicted, Pearson has lined up Chris Powell to be his assistant when he makes his return.

Powell who has an England cap to his name was much-loved at Charlton as both a player and manager, and has also played and coached under Pearson. He also brings plenty of Championship experience to the table to make a more dynamic assistant than yesterday man Ray Wilkins.

Certainly the two of them, if they head up Villa’s team next season will bring a completely different attitude to proceedings from what we’ve witnessed this season. UTV

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  1. After tonight’s horror story ofthe new boards resignation, I cannot see anyone taking the job soon. With true Learner expertise, we will wait until a few days before the season. It hardly maters anyway he will be stuck with a load of overpaid useless uncommitted players on stupid contacts that we wil not be able to unload. There will be no funds as Learners asset of the club diminishes even further. He will try and hang on hoping for promotion then a good sale. But Mr Learner with you at the helm we will be in another relegation fight. So cut your losses now and go. It’s in your interests now as well as the club’s. Wasn’t it good by the way to see Lescott the villa fan relieved at relegation. Yes you have fought hard this season to achieve this now your finally their you can relax. Thanks Lescott and all your cronies.

  2. That Villa may have to sack him to progress is worrying. Leicester got crucified in the national press when they fired him because they thought he couldn’t take the team forward, there is not one hint that it was a bad decision now they are top of the league. Also to get Tough with the players for next season mightn’t be the right way. The current 1st team need it definitely, but I am hopeful that dross is gone next season. However Pearson’s championship credentials are impeccable, and am less convinced about Black although understand his team selection for the last game mostly.

    • Ok yes, there was the whole Thailand issue with his son, but in most cases I have found the offence can be “overlooked” if there is a risk of losing someone you WANT to keep.

  3. Pearson, a man who openly assaults opposition players during a match, acts disgracefully towards fans and bullies anyone who disagrees with him including the press during a televised press conference. Bring him on its just what the team needs right now, but he will snap under pressure and become an embarrassment to the club. I hope that if he is appointed that the board make him aware of some ground rules, like no killing, maiming or having his son at the club. Of course no killing and maiming doesn’t include members of the playing staff.

  4. Pearson would be the right man to initially turn things around – his no nonsense approach he will have no time for those riding on the shirt tails of the club ..and there are plenty of them..he will get rid of those that aren’t worthy and he will have already been making notes on those. His Championship experience is second to none.. and he’s good at it – at least he would turn the tide of direction from dross and dire to something more palitable he will drive out those that are their without commitment and his drive will bring back the energy the club needs and the desire which in turn will give us all that lift .. I see him doing a good job, he will provide the drive needed that there is no doubt. He will need full support from the new board and the supporters. He should be fully endorsed by all of us.. the only ones to fear him is the team in its current state. He will soon change that. Why is Paddy Reilly still at Villa ?? or did he sneak out the back door while nobody was looking ???

  5. I have 1 reservation about Pearson. How much of Leicesters success is down to him or the backroom staff they have?? Ranieri always says its down to what was in place already. None have them have signed contract extensions but would they be willing to come to Villa or was it really down to his tactical and man management skills and so he wouldn’t need them???

  6. Those who know little of football opine for Moyes or Rodgers, mainly because they associate profile with talent. Pearson is solely responsible for getting Leicester into the Premier League, keeping them there, and building the squad that is currently winning it on a shoestring. Contrast that with Moyes or Rodgers.

    Pearson is the right man. I just wish Villa had done it when they finally sussed out Tactics Tim. But that was a different Villa. A Villa run by business types with little understanding of football. They hired on profile. At last, with a football board, we will start to make decisions based on knowledge. UTV.

  7. Pearson should start now, to give him time to arrange a meeting between those Villa players who haven’t bothered trying this season and the non-playing staff being made redundant because of relegation.

  8. More gutted about Pearson potentially being manager than I am about us being relegated. Worried it will do even more irreparable damage to the club….

  9. This is the first time I’ve smiled for AV in five years,hope NP is at
    Utd to see just what he’s up against.moyes is a man unsuited for
    the task at Avfc. Pearson is just what AV need and his cv proves it

  10. About time,Pearson will bring back the thousands of fan
    Lambert and Lerner And co drove away.

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