Aston Villa Manager in Place But Supporters Must be Patient for Reveal

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There’s much to discuss about Tony Xia and the Recon group’s takeover of Aston Villa. From the most recent batch of interviews Xia has given (already more than Lerner did in his entire time as the owner of Villa), certain things have been mentioned that check out with information that was given to MOMS last week regarding Recon’s football intentions pre-Villa (more of that in a forthcoming article).

The main news this weekend was about the first major decision that Xia needs to absolutely get right to kick-start his plans for the club, the appointment of the new Aston Villa manager.

In a television interview, Xia claimed there is a manager who has been offered the job, but he will wait a week to make the actual announcement, which seems to suggest the ‘fit and proper’ ownership tests should be completed by then.

In a Mail on Sunday interview with Xia, the journalist wrote: ‘Xia says he has offered the manager’s job to one of three candidates in the public domain but won’t confirm which of Roberto Di Matteo, Nigel Pearson or David Moyes it is.’

Considering the fact David Moyes worked with former Everton CEO Keith Wyness at the Merseyside club, he certainly remains in the picture for the Villa job. Many had expected him to be in contention for the Celtic job, which Brendan Rodgers ended up with. Celtic Park certainly seemed a more likely destination for the ex-Everton boss before Wryness and Xia were attached to Villa.

It is reasonable to say, it is a genuine three-horse race now for the Villa job and not the straight shoot-out between Di Matteo and Pearson, it was thought to be.

Xia also went on to say, when the manager takes up the post, he will have between £20m and £50m available for transfers and overhaul of the team.

What a difference the next week could make in firing up Aston Villa to begin the first steps in what hopefully will be a successful new dawn for the club.


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  1. Load of horse hockey that a new manager is in place. Seems Dr. Tony is full of it. Interesting read in the Telegraph on how they pull him apart and even his “reps” back down on some things. He produced the banking slip that showed the 430,000,000.00 USD transfer, never in my 20 years in finance have I seen something so amateurish. Only has an insterest in one company, not five as stated by the official press release, Lotus Health isn’t exactly making money either. Finally we have lost our first two choices as coach already, though Moyes isn’t a loss in my book, Oh Dear Villa.

  2. Sadly, it seems Moyes is again, the chosen one.

    Like Tony Pulis, but Scottish.

    The dream is dead.


  3. The Docs Financial status is much stronger than the media are making out, its because a few of his Companies are registered private not public. He recently sold an acquisition for 430,000.000 million spondooiies (not sure if Dollars/Pounds or Xian) But its more than enough to finance the Villa in the first couple of years. His Harvard Studies was in Landscape Gardening so at least you know the Groundsmen will do a good job of the Pitch next season. Atleast being sold to the Doc that he isn’t going to rename the Stadium “Round Up Vllla Park” which is a relief if sold to another American that could have been the case. Yes he will do an exchange programme for Chinese Footballers and thats not a bad thing at all. The only issue willl be the Pie stand will have more MSG in it than filling.But at least they might to a nice spicy Prawn Ball or two……perhaps dyed batter in Claret and Blue. We are a long way off having the Team sheet pronounce names like Fook Yoo and Win Doh etc if they are scoring 25 a piece in a season who would care. Its all about the effort and sweating blood for the Villa. Being proud of the shirt and lifting the spirits of all those who pay good money to watch the theatre of football and I believe the Doc Will change things around. If this is Lerners Legacy then perhaps he can leave on a high rather than a limp soggy Quarter Pounder with Mayo. The manager has been picked and the next 7 days with Mercury Retrograde ending and the Full Moon in Sagittarious waning could bring us a bit of sparkle lets hope its not sweet and sour…..Happy Days ahead, once we get over travelling to Burton on a Rainy day. :O) Perhaps this is the Doctor to Cure we could call him Dr Wu Hoo :O)

  4. Dr X does talk the talk makes his intention clear and open I watch with baited breath as to his next step in the incredible road to glory ,it’s for me exhilarating and refreshingly pleasing to be part of the revolution taking place ,who is to be the first of the new X men chapter one ? Can’t wait ,as always stay loyal to yourself keep the faith and Villa till we die.

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