‘We Go Again’ Was Drivel, Admits Paul Lambert

Bore Off

There was nothing more boring in the Aston Villa universe, since My Old Man Said came into existence, than a Paul Lambert press conference. They were even more tedious than Alex McLeish’s ‘For the Draw!’ tactics.

“We were excellent. We go again”, Paul Lambert would utter, pretty much without fail. Regardless of the result or performance.

It became a catchphrase. it became a meme.

I thought we were excellent paul lambert


With the event of Paul Lambert taking over as the Head Coach of Wolves this week, it’s come to light from Lambert’s initial press duties at the dog heads, that his persistent use of the ‘We Go Again’ phrase was apparently a defensive mechanism to protect the likes of Paul Faulkner, Tom Fox and Randy Lerner at the club.

Speaking to the media upon taking up the Wolves job, Lambert was keen to stress though, that his days of playing the saviour to clueless boardroom hacks at football clubs were over.

“I’ll never protect anybody like I did there at a football club ever again,” said Lambert, referring to his time at Villa.

“Everyone knows the situation at Villa. I would never go into a press conference every Thursday or Friday and talk the same drivel I spoke for three years.”

So, is that it? Has “We go again” been officially retired from the Lambert vocabulary? At least the ex-Villa boss has finally admitted what Villa supporters always knew, that the phrase was a load of drivel.


A Venglos View is a satirical (and sometimes surreal) look at the Villa…although in this case, ‘We Go Again’ was a load of drivel. 

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  1. it will be interesting to see how he goes on at wolves,,, and i too genuinely would wish all of the wolves fans testicular cancer rather than appoint this oxygen thief of a manager

    how dare he say he did not do too bad and mention once we spent money we were relegated

    the most dull incompetent blinkered spineless tactically clueless manager ever to disgrace the club l love

    and there are a lot of us out here still suffering with the footballing equivalent of post dramatic stress disorder

    that his reign at the club left us with,,,

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