I was tempted to rename this article ‘Five Reasons to be Cheerless as Aston Villa Fans’ after the Watford result. Then I wasn’t going to bother with it, due to the depression of thinking about Aston Villa’s current plight and how we’ve been led into this by the club’s custodians. However, we’ve never missed a Five Reasons since MOMS has been going, so here it is, a little later than normal.

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Bullet headers are always good as statement of intent functioning like exclamation marks to give hope to a fight back. Micah Richards produced his first ‘captain moment’ with his header from the Jordan Veretout freekick against Watford. While it ultimately didn’t affect the score, in isolation it was a moment that expressed rare fight in the Villa ranks.



There’s not many leaders in this young squad, so it’s up to Richards to take more responsibility to fire up his teammates to stem the drain of confidence.



  1. If I have to live another 20 years watching this sh** I don’t want to. I love my team and would be happy for a period of relative mediocraty – please please please someone come along and make us play half decent football

  2. I’m 61 years of age and remember the old 3rd Division. Great days and so so sad that we are where we are at present. All I can say is “keep the faith” even if it is a sh** option. Villa ’til I die which statistically will be in 20 years approx – haha

    • If Villa survive this season, it might add another 20 years on all our lives, because we’ll start to believe in miracles! UTV

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