Most of us attacked the Christmas period with one last dose of optimism. Aston Villa were playing struggling teams, so it was one last chance to haul themselves up to create a platform for survival and launch an epic escape to safety in 2016.

Two points out of nine leave little in terms of hope. With the performances on show over Christmas, you’d be hard pressed to pick a team in the Premier League any more that Villa could beat. Lets be honest: WE. ARE. IN. THE. SH**.

Still, here’s five reasons to be kinda cheerful as Aston Villa fans… please sign-up to be an MOMS E-Member at the end of the 5th reason to be kept in the loop for changes for 2016. 😉


5Chance of a Win

In our recent seasons of relegation struggle when January comes around certain supporters always spout that very irritating nonsense of wanting to be knocked out of the cup to concentrate on the league. When I was a kid supporting Villa, you would never hear such tosh. A club was in-it-to-win-it whatever the competition.

It was only when players decided that despite being fitter and drinking less than players in previous years, they needed more rest and to sit out games to remain fresh.

Managers then started using this as an excuse to ‘concentrate on the league’ ala Martin O’Neill, when he suddenly started resting players in the UEFA Cup, despite having a first team that could have done well in the tournament. I still remember the great night when Ajax came to town and at the time, I was looking forward to more…but…

Unfortunately, when he rested players against CSKA Moscow in the second-leg of the knock-out stage it effectively handed the Russians the tie, and then Villa completely ballsed up the league afterwards to prove the theory of resting players for the league to be a deeply flawed one.

Anyway, I digress. The good news is now Villa can concentrate solely on the FA Cup, because there is no league to play for. They haven’t won in 18 league games, so lets not kid ourselves with false hope, the cup is the best and maybe ONLY chance of seeing Villa WIN A GAME!




  1. I said it 2 months ago, we are crap and we are going down. Just hope Garde can get a few wins because I would like him to be our manager next season. At this point I wouldn’t bother selling gabby he will be a useful striker in the championship i think. A season in the championship will give us a chance to blood some youngsters, and hopefully its not too long before we return to the top.
    Despite being utterly depressed about our plight I still find myself getting up at all hours of the early morning to watch us play so please don’t think I don’t love and support our team.

  2. Think it is actually the Year Of The Monkey. And you know the old saying; If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

    Stan almost has a sensible idea reported in the BM. Though he has admitted defeat on staying in the league, it is still mathematically possible so I think they do need to fight for it. Mind you, according to Opta Villa ran 3 less miles as a team then Norwich, so they haven’t really changed. And again our Captain says to the press that they wanted it more. He needs to be stripped of the band, but I wonder if it is in his contract now. The club captain just wants to receive his wages for doing nothing. Those three things say everything to me about Villa.

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