#61 What’s the Main Issues Weighing Dean Smith’s Aston Villa Down in Mid-table?

2019 Stutter

When Aston Villa have kicked off 2019 in such a lacklustre way, it leaves plenty to talk about when it comes to the question of what is going wrong with Dean Smith’s Aston Villa?

We don’t want to talk about what happened at Wigan just yet… It’s still too raw, but the Old Man Said podcast is back for 2019 in what has been a winless year for Aston Villa so far.

David Michael, Dan Rodgers and Chris Budd discuss the foundations of Dean Smith’s 2018, the FA Cup exit and the stuttering recent form and Villa’s mid-table limbo.

The episode discusses Villa sans Grealish struggles, the steep dip in form (especially home form – no wins in the last five outings), current defensive woes, the returning loans, the January transfer window, and the key recent non-Villa issue of Manchester United switching from Jose Mourinho to Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

There’s also a trip back to 1998 (see below for details).


1998 – A Missed Chance of Premier League Legacy?

Also in episode 61 is the latest ‘Where Were You, When We Were Good?’ section, which goes back to December 1998 to take in the fantastic Villa fight back against Champions Arsenal.

Villa, 2-0 down at half-time, went on to win 3-2 and climb to the top of the league. Dion Dublin, Stan Collymore, Julian Joachim, Gareth Southgate and co are all remembered.

As is John Gregory’s toils with Doug Ellis at the time, that ultimately blunted Villa’s quest to create a Premier League legacy, before the top four formed and made the league a closed shop.

Where we only signing Muzzy Izzet away from greatness?

We’ll never know. Certainly Martin O’Neill and Randy Lerner never got closer in the following years.

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  1. Seems to me like we’re in panic mode recalled most of our loan players bought a defender who hasn’t played for months, our manager has said today that the next signing will be a defender, why hasn’t that already happened, all we get is we’re looking at we’re considering come on stop talking and do something we’re wasting time and loosing ground fast if we loose tomorrow I personally think that’s the end of our playoff hopes but we’re going to play much the same team again with the inclusion of Hause who at the moment couldn’t play his way out of a paper bag, and if we’re one goal down someone please tell Dean Smith our subs need to be attacking players not defenders.

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