Aston Villa Fans Get Your Questions in for the Fan Consultation Group Meeting

Next FCG Meeting

Next week will see the first Aston Villa Fan Group (FCG) meeting since the new season has kicked off.

The FCG is has the regular opportunity for Villa supporters to put their issues and questions to the club and get some answers.

So far, it’s been going over a year now and in terms of club and supporter communication, it has fast become an arrangement that other fanbases in the Championship are envious of, as they are normally lucky to get one meeting a season with their club.

Previously, Villans were also in the same boat, but the initiative rubber stamped by former acting chairman Steve Hollis and since endorsed by Tony Xia and Villa CEO Keith Wyness, has been perhaps the most positive result at the club in recent seasons and has seen supporters increasingly involved in the decision-making process.

From MOMS point of view, it’s been good to able to question and talk to, in person, the likes of Tony Xia, Steve Bruce, Keith Wyness and Steve Round, to get a better understanding for supporters of what’s going on, what the plans are and also to offer up supporter’s ideas and suggestions for improvement.

A record of the previous meetings minutes and the issues discuss

It’s laughable that there has become such a disconnect between clubs and their supporters, as a club can only benefit from listening to its supporter base. It’s been good to see Villa embrace the format of these meetings and also put forward the likes of the manager and owner over the past months.

Open to Questions…

So, if you have any issues/questions, either comment below or email MOMS at with the subject line: FCG.

Please stay clear from ‘on the pitch’ matters and focus on your experiences of being a supporter, either at Villa Park and on away trips.

Maybe there are things you want to see improved, maybe there’s a pressing issue that you want sorting, or you have an idea for the future?

MOMS has already received a few ideas/concerns from supporters and a lot of the obvious stuff will be brought up (FFP, more notice with away tickets, disable issues etc).

Here’s a link to the last meeting that took place in preseason to see where we’re at – Last FCG Meeting.


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  1. Keith mentioned in his latest interview that we are close to buying or having some sort of affiliation with an overseas club; given recent media reports of Chinese investment in football clubs being reigned in, how does this impact on our plans?

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