Premier League Issues Good News to Supporters on Away Ticket Prices

Premier League Maintain £30 Away Ticket Price Cap

The Premier League have announced today that away tickets for Premier League matches will remain capped at £30 for the next three seasons. On top of that, the away ticket price cap has actually been written into the Premier League Rules for the first time, which will be reassuring for supporters, along with other encouraging plans in a ‘Fan Engagement’ statement they issued today.

The Premier League seems to have directly reacted to the recent Fan Led Government review of Football, when they also announced they will commit to a formal ‘Fan Engagement Standard’.

The Premier League state that it will ‘build on the existing high-quality fan activity that happens at many clubs’, which at times, Villa’s long-running and improving Fan Consultation Group has been seen to be an example of best practice.

The Premier League’s full statement on Fan engagement is below.

Premier League Statement: Fan engagement

Premier League clubs today unanimously agreed to maintain the current £30 cap on away ticket prices for the next three seasons. 

The price cap was introduced in the 2016/17 season after the successful implementation of the Premier League Away Supporters’ Initiative, where clubs provided a range of measures for their away fans. The level of the cap (£30) will be reviewed in 2025, when it will have been in place for nine seasons.

All clubs recognise the crucial importance of supporters in generating the best possible atmosphere at matches and acknowledge the additional travel costs often involved when following a team away from home. 

It was also agreed today to include an away ticket price cap within the Premier League Rules for the first time.  

Clubs also approved the introduction of an action plan to address improving the League’s collective offer for fans. This includes developing a series of new League-wide measures and commitments for supporters.

As part of this commitment, clubs today endorsed the introduction of Fan Advisory Boards, and to nominate a Board-level official to be responsible for the club’s fan engagement activities. 

Clubs also supported the development and introduction of a new Fan Engagement Standard, which will build on the existing high-quality fan activity that happens at many clubs. This will set a new minimum level of engagement across the League, with performance assessed by an independent panel. 

Fans are the lifeblood of the game and are essential to their clubs, these new standards will ensure long-term meaningful engagement with supporters. The Premier League will now continue to consult with clubs and the Football Supporters’ Association to finalise the Fan Engagement Standard framework, with the aim of its introduction next season. 


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