Aston Villa Supporter Rotterdam European Cup Final 1982 Photos (Set 4)

We’ve already published three sets of Villa supporters’ European Cup 1982 photos from that May night in Rotterdam and it’s great to get an additional excellent set from Villa supporter Carl Thornton, who also made the sacred trip.

These pictures are mostly from the stadium, including some rare pictures of the players inspecting the pitch before the game, which you don’t normally see in other collections of Rotterdam 1982 photos.

Actually, there’s some other treasures to come from Carl, but in the meantime check out the below gallery of May 26 1982 [click on a photo to open gallery].

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If you made the trip to Rotterdam and have any personal European Cup Final 1982 photos, drop us a line.


  1. I was in 6th form. Wagged off school with a couple of mates to go to the game without letting on. One teacher kept asking me to play in a cricket match on the Tuesday night. I kept telling him I ‘was busy’. Went on the coach from VP and stopped off in Bruges (I think). Best 2 days of my life.

  2. Hung out a sign at Keele services ‘Rotterdam South Please’. Within 5 minutes I was in the cab of a Villa fans lorry. I remember the 40 a side game before the game, a small German skinhead took every throw regardless of who kicked it out and a villa fan collapsed with a roar every 5 minutes until a mate rushed on with a beer to revive him. I was one of the first into that bar. Confronted by hundreds of Jerries with stacks of empties 20 high in front of them I crapped myself but the tide behind me was unstoppable. Two days later I was 21, thank you Lord.

  3. I was 17 & had no ticket. We went on spec, got tickets for the Bayern end in a hotel on the day of the game. We played the Germans at the training ground before the match, drank in their bar before going in…and changed ends before kick-off as Villa fans were louder!! One of the best times in my life….

  4. Was 17 offered a ticket turned it down (thinking it would be one of many) in favor of watching it on the box with my mates and haven’t stopped kicking myself since. Oh the follies of youth.

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