Rare Aston Villa Supporter European Cup Final 1982 Photo


Aston Villa Supporter Line-up European Cup Final 1982 Photo

You may recall Villa supporter Paul ‘Woody’ Wood sending in a collection of his photos from his trip to Rotterdam 1982 a few months ago. Well, he’s found another one.

It’s a line-up of the Villa supporters who were on the coach that went from the Elm’s in Aldridge. There were fans from Rushall, Walsall Wood and Brownhills.

Names in the picture include Phil Pennell, “Wanga”, Jimmy Riddley, “Smacka Hall”, and “Woody” (in the beret).

Are you in the picture? Maybe it’s time you all got together for a reunion?!

european cup 1982 photos


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  1. Think photo was taken by malcom “wally”brice.gave jimmy ridley a copy of it a couple of years ago after bumping into him in mckechnies club.glad its found its way to you. The elms coach wasnt official travel so we were there a bit early…….as you can see …..first coach there.still see a few from the trip around .have I made it up from legend or did the coach loose a window on the way home. Did anyone else remember seeing ArthurMullard come out of a pub as we drove down to dover?
    Or was that another trip?……CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE

  2. Frankie Ireland sent me one of the photo’s from Blackpool the other week, nicked from the courtroom lol

  3. How are you Leeky? We had some fun didn’t we? Don’t tell anybody about me and my mate Kenny Burns! I’m glad I didn’t catch him.

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