Clues That Charles N’Zogbia Might be About to Leave Aston Villa

Something is up in Charles N’Zogbia’s universe and there’s a strong hint that it might be something that may effect his future at Aston Villa. The Frenchman has taken to social media once again to offer up yet another masterful use of Twitter.

N’Zogbia first got into philosophical Tweeting back in the days of the manager who brought him to the club, Alex McLeish. The two would actually argue during matches when N’Zogbia showed a repeated reluctance to track back and help his team out. The conflict led to the winger venting his frustrations with this little ditty.

charles n'zogbia

Later, when he was cast off in Lambert’s Bomb Squad and it was understood that Lambert had told him he’d never play for Villa again, N’Zogbia aired his frustration discretely to fans in the comments section of his Instagram account.

Despite his constant grievances N’Zogbia could never fashion a move away from Villa, mainly because no club would want  to match his Villa wages (reportedly upwards of £50,000-a-week). But when Sherwood rode into Villa Park, he gave N’Zogbia yet another chance, making him one of his first xi and starting him at Wembley for both the FA Cup semi-final and final.

Now it seems that Sherwood is keen to shake N’Zogbia lose, after the Frenchman cryptically tweeted the following message tonight:
charles n'zogbia politicsAn icon of a wad of cash flying away after the word ‘politics’, obviously hints Villa are looking to lessen their wage bill, by potentially removing one of their remaining highest earners off it.

If Shay Given who on similar wages to N’Zogbia and with a year left of his Villa contract can be sold, then it suggests Villa will exercise what they did in that scenario again with N’Zogbia; that is if they undertook some kind of pay-off or contract termination deal.

N’Zogbia followed up his ‘politics’ tweet very swiftly with the following self-affirmation tweet:

charles n'zogbia

Reading between the lines, it would seem that N’Zogbia is at some kind of crossroads or is indeed heading out of Villa Park. He seems to suggest what is happening is not a bad thing, as he asserts he will turn it to his advantage.

Even after Sherwood’s show of faith at the end of last season in him, it’s unlikely N’Zogbia did enough to gain a new contract even on reduced wages. So the 29-year-old seems to have made the comments as his Villa exit is imminent.

If it is the case, the main question that rears its head is why wasn’t his situation resolved earlier?

After being a revelation for Wigan and scoring 10 goals in his final season there (2010/11) and saving them from the drop, a season he also broke into the French national team, N’Zogbia’s career has startlingly fizzled out at Villa.

After the player himself has enjoyed numerous clean slates, most Villa fans will now hope the club’s own slate is finally wiped clean of the under-performing Frenchman for good.


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  1. All trhe over 21 players who played in the U21 game last week seem to be vulnerable, the new bomb squad I suspect

    Surprised to see Nathan Baker there, Burnley are apparently interested. But Baker has never quite lived up to his potential. However there is no doubt Sherwood wants his own team

    trevor fisher

  2. sadly we need goals and he showed little under sherwood that he can deliver,,,
    but he was better, his running of the ball and movement was better and some of his play was good
    but we needed to see more
    with benteke gone we have to score goals accross the front three and they all must provide assists
    this is why ayews arrival has taken his place
    zoggys on big money and was a teriffic player for wigan,, if he performed like that no one would bat an eye at the wages
    but zoggy and tonev are surplus,, and sendeross, richardson and cole probably surplus too

  3. who give’s a toss …. he’s a wage thief …and he’s obviously been told he’s got less chance than Delph of getting a game with this NEWLOOK VIBRANT EXCITING villa team ..

  4. How do you think we could have “resolved” the situation sooner?! I don’t think deals are often as simple as we might think – especially when they involve shipping out players who have been largely poor (for us), have a decent wage packet … And have just 12 months left on their contract to boot. UTV

  5. At midnight N’Zogbia turned his profile pic into a black panther and put up a ‘off line’ cover picture. The plot thickens…

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