Is Charles N’Zogbia Fit but Frozen Out? His Continued Adventures in Social Media

We all know N’Zogbia likes a bit of social media…

charles n'zogbia

But his latest adventures in social media via Instagram has confirmed something we had on good authority back in May of last year, that N’Zogbia would never play for Villa again. There was an apparent smokescreen from the Villa boss when he was pressed by the media about the N’Zogbia situation, when he was asked about the player’s shirt number demotion:

“No, you’re looking for something that’s not there,” said Lambert, at a presser earlier in the year. “The lad’s hurt his Achilles and we’ve got to get him back fit. He’s doing really well. “You would think he would play before the end of the season, yes, but it’s not nice, that injury. I think his Achilles heel just went and once you get that it’s a major injury.”

Despite MOMS again dropping the hint that N’Zogbia’s days were numbered at Villa Park at the start of the year, it seems the subtext of his recent holiday messages on Instagram have come as a surprise to some Villans (on Twitter anyway).  While he doesn’t state for certain he’s fit at the moment, he does suggest he wouldn’t be welcomed back, even if he was – ‘Will they allow me to training (sic) with them?’, he states on his Instagram account.


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Something he only seems to confirm, when the frustrated Villa fan pushes the issue further, referencing the Villa winger’s latest holiday:


charls n'zogbia instgram


I’m sure the stuff in football we don’t even know about is referring to the message Lambert gave him back in May, that his time at Villa was over and he was now an official member of the bomb squad. Was his holiday jogging injury even real? On his current wages with years left on his contract, he was always going to be a hard sell, ala Bent and Ireland. That’s one for the conspiracy theorists, but really it is neither here or there. He’s not on the pitch and that’s what counts.


The bomb squad drama will surely thicken this summer with N’Zogbia, Darren Bent, Shay Given and also Alan Hutton still on the books. The bomb squad certainly needs a line drawing through it before it serves up any more embarrassments. UTV




  1. Well there’s something clearly not right looking at those tweets but then the guy tweeting him was being somewhat unnecessarily abusive to him so it’s no surprise he came back with what he did. Having said that something’s not right clearly. Then again is anything ever right under this lot?

  2. I think that if the truth behind N’Zogbia’s absence is more bomb squad than injury (and you can read from Lambert’s recent language on the subject that he is not being clear about how the injury really happened), then the fans who purchase mercy in his name or ST’s in the hope of seeing him play at some point, are being duped to part with their cash. That is technically a criminal offence. This should be properly investigated and if club officials are culpable of duping the fans in this way, then they the price with their heads. There are rats in the kitchen, what are we gonna do?

    • rats in the kitchen ? that’s paranoia @ it’s extreme As for criminal activities that includes making false allegations !
      But what is the truth about CNZ’s ? Well certainly it happened whilest he was in the USA so beyond Lambert’s vision , so truthfully he only has the players word for how the injury occurred . And CNZ’s message leaves a lot of unanswered questions especially given that he ???walked out after the ManU incident ! Is he frozen out ? or could it be that he is waiting for a personal invite to start training with the squad ?

  3. All this talk of using players from the bomb squad , but they were the players who for the most part got us into the relegation battle last season . And so what that they might have made a contribution this season ! How about if they contributed to getting us into a greater mess this season ?
    Villa have done worse than I expected this season , but there are still 7 teams below us & more than likely it will be 3 of those who go down

    • Actually, there isn’t much talk of using bomb squad players. BTW – ‘we’re not as bad as seven other clubs (currently)’ is no way to judge Aston Villa FC. 9 home defeats last season, 10 home defeats this season (so far), even you can’t spin that into a positive!

  4. Dont forget Given, another of the so called bomb squad.Two years left on his contract i believe

  5. Childish and pointless tactic from lambert, freezing ur the bomb squad. Where has that got us? Bent is now 30, hardly played at all for a club about to be relegated. No resale value. Certainly would have contributed a few goals for us this season (our right back I second top scorer). Then Ireland – midfielder more talented than anything we currently have, has had a productive season at Stoke, gone now.

  6. untill his injury, I was half expecting him to be sold last summer . and I presumed that his injury was just delaying the inevitable , And that by saying that he still had a place @the club they were just following a policy of caring for the welfare injured players
    How ever by posting the ambiguous remarks that he has made, he may well have breached unspoken of etiquette between player & cub . So it remains to be seen how the club responds to what has been said

  7. If you haven’t read about it already, there was a fall out at the Man Utd away game last season when N’Zogbia was subbed at half-time. That triggered everything.

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