Wish You Were Here: Christian Benteke – Why He’ll Be Back To Stay & Travel Pics

‘Be back soon like Arnie’ – Christian Benteke Tweeted with this picture


It’s been an annoying few weeks with the press pulling stories out of their rear ends (and then various Villa blogs/ websites/social media spreading them) about Benteke and Weimann looking to leave the club. It’s primarily linked to Villa’s relegation battle. Yes, if we went down, we’d struggle to keep the team’s prized assets, but who could blame the players for leaving such a sorry situation. What the rumour stirrers don’t mention is rather than being the ‘rats deserting a sinking ship’, that they’re portrayed as, Benteke and Weimann are the very players that are firing Villa out of this situation.

Would anyone for one minute think Weimann would move to Norwich City? If you did, then your knowledge of football is somewhat lacking.   Inter Milan?  It’s not the glory days at Inter anymore and would Weimann up sticks, leave his mates and the settled life he has in Brum? The lad’s only played a few games for Villa and is only just now making headway.

Of Weimann’s often mentioned contract talks – it’s COMMON SENSE, that he’d wait to sign anything until it’s clear which division Villa will be in next season. Once Villa are mathematically safe, then expect negotiations to gather pace.

Quite a few Villa fans have written off Christian Benteke’s chances of staying at Villa, even if we do stay up. Personally, MOMS thinks there’s a good chance he’ll stay for at least another season, for the following reasons:


a) if Villa come to the table with an improved contract to neutralise the money incentive of moving away

b) Villa assure him they’ll be a few names in to strengthen the team. Even now, after a poor season so far, Villa are just 4 points off 11th spot. The bottom half of the league is nothing special, so it’s not going to take much to make Villa a top-half side again, next season.

c) Being top man at Villa next season and playing regularly, will ensure a good enough platform for Benteke to cement the starting striker spot in the Belgium team at the World Cup in Rio 2014.

d) Paul Lambert has shown big trust in him from the get go, picking him above Darren Bent. From all accounts, Benteke is a decent chap, so he may want to pay his manager’s faith back.

e) He’s still very young and another season at Villa isn’t going to hurt him.

f) He tweeted that he was proud to be part of the Villa’s history by scoring Villa’s 1000th Premiership goal.

g) If he stays, he can keep using his incredibly cool suitcase…




Good luck to Benteke and Weimann on international duty with Belgium and Austria. Lets hope when they return ‘back like Arnie’, they will once again terminate Liverpool as they did at Anfield. UTV


* pictures by Christian Benteke


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