How Christian Benteke Scored His Villa Goals – Visual Analysis

benteke scoring record

Christian Benteke’s League Scoring Record Visualised


They say a picture paints a thousand words, so we’ll keep this short. While not normally one for the new fad of statistical over-kill in the modern game, this heat map of Christian Benteke‘s league goal scoring record from last season does make interesting viewing.

Notable points

1. Benteke can basically score from anywhere and has a decent approx ratio of one goal for every five shots.

2. He’s not afraid to have a crack from outside the box, with three of his goals coming from outside the 18-yard-box

3. Benteke only scored one league goal inside the six-yard box, suggesting he’s certainly not your Gary Lineker poacher type of striker.

4. Pretty even spread of right and left side shooting.

5. Needs to add a Petrov-from-the-half-way-line attempt to his arsenal of shots! Although, there is one decent 35-odd-yard attempt on the picture.


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