Championship Play-off Info for Villans Travelling to Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough have declared they have sold 27,000 tickets for Saturday’s match, including the away allocation of 2,000 Villans and they are ‘anticipating that tickets will sell out’ for the Saturday 5.15pm kick-off.

With a sell out expected, it could potentially add to the travel disruption warnings MOMS noticed on Boro’s official website, so please find below the information that Boro have provided, which may be relevant to you, especially if you are driving up to the game.

Travel Issues

Civil engineering works are taking place to create a new road bridge across Middlesbrough Dock, and regular changes are taking place as part of the redevelopment of the junction and footpaths. Due to pedestrian flow towards the stadium, strict traffic control measures must be implemented in order to maximise the safety of all road users.

While roadworks continue in the immediate area, a temporary mini-roundabout consisting of traffic cones has been created for matchdays at the north end of Shepherdson Way. Please exercise additional caution when approaching this temporary junction.

Drivers accessing the stadium site from Shepherdson Way should treat this roundabout as intended, while following guidance from stewards as they progress onto the stadium site.

Access to the road network surrounding the stadium to drop off supporters (before driving away) is unrestricted until the road closures are implemented 60 minutes in advance of kick-off (4.15pm).

All supporters requiring to be dropped off close to the stadium itself, particularly those with restricted mobility, should seek to arrive before this time.

Thereafter, continued access will only be permitted for official ‘Drop-off Pass’ holders to drop off supporters within a dedicated ‘Drop-off Area’ on The Halyard – and this access will only be available until 30 minutes in advance of kick-off (4.45pm) – and those with authorised access to Stadium Car Parks (except Car Park E, who are advised to access along Dockside Road from the direction of Cargo Fleet Lane).

Passengers cannot be dropped off on Shepherdson Way. Under no circumstances should drivers attempt to make a U-turn at the bottom of Shepherdson Way.

All car park permit holders are asked to clearly display their passes from their rear-view mirror prior to arriving at the road closure points. Passes should remain on display, as further checks will take place at the entrances to each car park.

Drivers with pre-booked parking within one of the stadium car parks must be prepared to show proof of booking to the stewards at the road closure point. Access will not be permitted without proof of booking.

The overriding advice is to allow a little extra time and take extra care when negotiating the road network, whether on foot or whilst driving a vehicle.

Full traffic and travel guidance can be found in the documents below.

Roadworks And Travel Advice At The Riverside Stadium

New access routes around the Riverside while temporary work is underway

Walking Up to Ground

Many supporters arrive at the Riverside Stadium having walked along the side of the dock from the Middlesbrough College area.

Traditionally at this point pedestrians have then turned left to head to the stadium along The Halyard pavements leading to the, now removed, dock roundabout. This route is now no longer available.

This short stretch of The Halyard between the Hudson Quay offices and Shepherdson Way no longer has footpaths and has been deemed unsafe as a pre-match route for pedestrians. All supporters arriving on foot from the town centre or the College need to walk beneath Shepherdson Way and access the stadium from the Leeway.

Extra match day signage and safety fencing will be placed to guide pedestrians along the route. Please note, after the match pedestrians will be permitted to directly access the section of road between Shepherdson Way and the Halyard in line with old habits.


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  1. Saw a warning of traffic disruptions on the A1 in Derbyshire due to road closure to allow the consruction of a bridge over the A1 on Saturday an alternative route might be to join the A167 @ Northallerton >A61>A38 does mean travelling via Leeds ,Shefield & Derby but will keep folk clear of any chaos on A1

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